Monday, August 5, 2013

More Mug Rug Madness!

I need a 12 step program for designing mug rugs and mini quilts. Seriously, I can't stop making them! In the photo above is just a sampling of them. There are more, but I gave them away to family and friends. There are also about a dozen that are fused to the background fabric and just waiting for some stitching. These are so quick and easy to make, and experimenting with colors and embellishments is a blast!

Right now I have the mug rug patterns (PDF format) priced at $2.50 at my Craftsy shop.


  1. I like the look of these, they are so colourful!

  2. They're so fun I can see how they could become addicting :) Great stocking stuffers!

  3. OMG! They are SO cute!! And there are SO many! Love your new Halloween designs and the Santa -- but the Got Stress? one is my favorite! You are so creative!

  4. Oh wow!! LOVE all of these, you really are prolific at Mug Rugs and Mini Quilts!! That's fantastic!

  5. those are seriously cute. I think my favorite might be the owl

  6. Your mug rugs are so cute! Looks like there's one for every occasion. =)


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