Sunday, September 15, 2013


I don't know what it is about the change of weather, but every time the weather starts turning cooler, I seem to slip into my odd little comfort zone. I start thinking about the past. It starts with thoughts about my kids and when they were little and how a part of me misses that so much. They are both grown and on their own, and they too will begin to create fun memories with their own families.

As I look through the photo albums I always seem to drift beyond those mommy and me days, and end up at the Sis and me days. The photo above is my sister and I when we were little. Where has the time gone?

When I was a little girl, we had DIME stores, not dollar stores. We also had real dreamsicles that were soft and creamy, not vanilla ice cream surrounded by a hard and fake tasting orange shell. A Hershey Bar cost a nickle, and we had penny candy. Rob and Laura Petrie slept in separate beds, and every girl my age wanted to be like Marsha Brady. That said, you didn't think I could write a post like this without sharing a favorite Brady Bunch Moment did you?

OK...back to 2013 and time to create new fun and special memories. Which reminds me, I have to download pictures and video I took yesterday and my great niece's second birthday party. No black and white photos in that camera!


  1. This is such a fun post! I want to try a dreamsicle like that!

  2. The good old days. Even with all the handy gadgets we have now, there's nothing quite like those good old days. Love the old pictures of you and your sister

  3. Fun post. Those were the days. I remember dime stores and penny candy, too!

  4. Fun photos :) It's always great to look back and remember those fun memories!

  5. Aaaah...Back in the day! Those are great photos of you and your sis. =0)
    Real Dreamsicles - would be great to have one of those. And, gotta love the Brady Bunch! I'm humming the theme song now...


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