Friday, December 27, 2013

Bells and Whistles

As I was putting my wine glasses into the oven for my Painted Snowman Wine Glass Tutorial, I noticed a button on my oven that said BAKE TIME. I've never used it but I thought I'd see if it would shut my oven off after my 30 minutes of baking. And guess what? It did! As I was looking at the other buttons I noticed the usual CLEAN (the oven cleans itself), but I noticed another one that said SLOW COOK. Wow! I actually can't wait to try that one, and does this mean that I didn't have to go out and buy the crockpot a few weeks ago when mine broke?

This got me thinking about all the other things I have in my house that I can do so much more with if only I'd read the manuals or start experimenting. Quite recently Brian asked me if I knew my entire graphics program (Corel Draw) and I said, "Heck No! I'm learning more and more things as I go along." And to think that I've been using that program for over 12 years! Perhaps I should get out that one inch thick book that came with my most recent upgrade. And how about all those programs that came pre-installed on your computer? Maybe it's time to start exploring!

I recently got a camera which I love, love, love! It takes the best pictures of any digital camera I've ever had. It even has all the lens settings and adjustments which I know NOTHING about! I think it's time to learn and see what this thing can do!

I just recently started experimenting with all the stitches on my sewing machines and have found some new favorites. I've even started learning free motion quilting. I think next it's time to play with all those feet that I have never tried. This could take my creating to a whole new level.

The same can be said for cookbooks, especially those unusual ones. I just recently came across a cookbook that Brian and I bought during a visit to Bass Pro Shops. It's a cookbook on cast iron skillet cooking. It's full of unusual and unexpected recipes that I've never thought of. Now that I have more time since leaving my "day" job, I'll have more time to create some new meals, perhaps some cast iron skillet meals!

So if you got a new sewing machine, tablet, computer program, camera, or awesome and unusual cooking device, get out that manual and see what you can really do with it. Better yet, experiment with the stuff you already have, and it might just be like you did get something new!


  1. Great advice! I hope to experiment with Kindle drawing programs more this year.

  2. It is so fun when you discover something cool that something does which you have had for years! I bet you will learn a lot more now that you are home all day! I have one of those cast iron skillets too but never use it since it weighs 5 ton. My man have grilled up delicious veggies in it though. Your post has me curious to look up cast iron skillet recipes.

  3. I'm sure that I'm guilty of not fully knowing some of the things I have.

  4. I never read manuals, but I know I should! I am looking forward to seeing your cooking adventures :-)


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