Friday, January 17, 2014

Project 365 - Week 2

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. Kind of like a photographic journal of my year!

Day 8 - Working on the books, I hate it but it has to be done. The dreaded part of owning a business!

Day 9 - My first day out after the storm. Where do I head? Fabric shopping again!

Day 10 - Stood up by our electric company AGAIN! I think this is the fourth or fifth time. They sure do have a lot of excuses, quite creative too!

Day 11 - The highlight of my week, and the light of my life, a visit with my grand-baby!

Day 12 - Was photographing my studio for a recent blog post. I love my studio!

Day 13 - Brian opening up his cards on his birthday.

Day 14 -  Look! Our new meter has been installed!

One of the things I'm going to place my efforts during this photographic journey is on trying all the buttons, slides, settings on my camera. I'm sure I'll take much better pictures once I get to know my camera a little better.

For more of my Project 365 - Click HERE


  1. This is great! I am trying something similar, although I haven't figured out how to share them on the blog yet!

  2. I love this challenge! It will be fun at the end of the year when you scroll through all 365 photos. Your grand baby is adorable. Yay for the electric company finally coming through!

  3. This is great. I so wish I could keep up with something like this.

  4. I wish we had a hobby lobby...I would head there too after being cooped up! It will be fun to see your photos throughout the year!

  5. Paige is so adorable! And I am so envious of your spacious studio! You designed it so well. Belated Happy Birthday to Brian. Our Hobby Lobby is within walking distance -- dangerously close! Thank goodness for the 40% off coupons.

  6. Looks like a great week. Your granddaughter is getting so big! And SO cute!

  7. Is Hobby Lobby a crafts supply store? Looks like a place where you could spend hours!

  8. What a fun project, looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this week!

  9. One thing about the electric company -- they can stand you up but you'd better get your bill paid on time!! And if you're converting to a digital meter, you may experience higher bills -- I know we did! But of course we have no say in the matter... good luck! OK, off my rant!

    The photo a day project sounds really neat! What a great way to chronicle your year! And what a cutie grandgirl! Take her pic every week and see how she grows!


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