Monday, January 13, 2014

Tour My Sewing Studio

For my friends and readers who have been with me for a while, saw my studio photos about a year ago, however, there have been some changes, additions, and new organizational methods since then. My studio started out as a guest bedroom, and it still can be because there is a Murphy bed cleverly tucked into the shelving unit directly behind my project table. The room can be turned into the guest room in about ten minutes. Now when my daughter comes to visit, she has a comfy room to sleep in! I love the fabric storage. As you can see in the photo above, my wonderful and talented husband created two complete walls of built-in shelving. I told him how high I needed the shelving to accommodate my fabric and supplies, and we drew up the plans. Not long after the studio was complete, we added new lighting. The room could not possibly be any brighter!

In this photo you can see the wall opposite the shelving units. I love to use my file folder wall hanging to store patterns in the various stages of design, as well as patterns in line from other designers that I plan to make soon for gifts, or for myself. The curtains were the first things I made for the room. I wanted them to really fit into a sewing studio, so I attached the valance to the curtains with great, big buttons. Love the look, especially since the deer like to hang out under my crab apple tree that is right outside that window.

I love this desk! When it's not being used for sewing, it's a perfect place to work on my books, my graphics programs, or creating my patterns. I love the way there is space underneath to store the containers that hold my smaller scrap fabrics.

The final wall doesn't have a lot of storage space, but it is the wall that leads to the big walk-in closet so it does have it's storage purpose. It has just enough wall space to keep my glass door cabinet. I bought this cabinet about twenty years ago and during that time it has served many purposes, but this is the best so far. I'll be able to store lots more larger fabric scraps. I'm thinking about adding another shelf inside.

Since my window is on the north wall it really doesn't get a lot of sunlight shining through. That makes the adjacent wall just perfect for open fabric storage. I use the comic book backing boards (purchased at to wrap the fabric around. I love that it's all there in plain sight. The felt squares and felt by the yard are stored flat on the other wall of shelves.

My work table is simply a nice and sturdy six foot, collapsible party table. I glued some velcro to the edges to attach the skirt. Since it wasn't really a good height to work at, I purchased some bed risers from a local store and put one under each leg. Perfect height, and you never see it with the skirt covering it. The best part of this table is that I can take it down quickly when I want to pull the bed down, and it just stores underneath.


I think I paid twelve bucks for this over the door shoe storage pocket hanger. It holds all my ribbon beautifully. I've also known people to use these for storing items in their bathrooms. What a fabulous invention!

These clear containers can be found in the scrapbooking department. I got lucky because they were on sale for 50% off when I found them. They are actually for scrapbooking paper but I found them perfect for my smaller fabric scraps, felt scraps, and for storing my 12 inch mini quilts. Look at how they fit nicely under my desk.

Glass jars are perfect for storing pretty and colorful items like zippers, beads, embroidery floss, and buttons! I think they make a big creative statement in my studio!

There is also the obvious storage containers like the thread boxes, baskets, big mugs, and yes, little flowerpots.

Above is my favorite way to store things! I've used these zipper bags for years and it works beautifully. I have these bags in all sizes. It's how I store my notions, beads, embroidery floss, snaps, even acrylic paints. It's just a great system because you can see everything at a glance and you don't have to be neat! It just works! You just throw all the bags in a box, and sort through them until you find what you need. Back before I had my own studio, I stored almost everything, other than fabric, this way. I used drawers, wicker baskets, covered boxes, canvas boxes, and I knew where everything was. The best part, my living room, dining room and bedroom didn't look like a bunch of craft storage. I just hate clutter!

Every studio needs a trusty assistant, and here is mine, Punkie! She's been with me for a long time. I just love Punkie!

My studio always seems to be a work in progress. I hope you have enjoyed the tour and got some new storage ideas for your own space!


  1. I love work space tours! I think it's super awesome that you can see deer from your window. All I can see are busses, a shop and people walking by (oke, that can be quite amusing too).

  2. I love your studio, and I admire how neat and organized it it. No matter how hard I try, our creative space always gets messy. I love the idea of the shoe hanger. =0)

  3. What a wonderful space! So organized and user-friendly! Cute photo of Punkie!

  4. Your studio is so well organized! I love the use of the shoe storage piece. What a great idea using risers to make the collapsible table work. That makes much more sense than putting in a table that will be difficult to put aside when you need the guest room. Punkie is a cutie!

  5. What a fun and inspiring place to create! Punkie looks right at home!

  6. Sheryl you and I are the luckiest gals. We both have handy hubbies who can build us our studio's. Mine is almost finished, glass doors going in as I write. I love your storage ideas and might borrow a couple of them.
    Thanks for sharing your 'new studio' journey, I love it.


  7. Very cool! My "studio" is my dining room..not optimal! :)

  8. Your studio is awesome and so neat and organized. I wish I could get my craft room to look like that and then keep it looking like

  9. Your studio is beautiful! I love it. I am a little jealous. My living room definitely looks like a bunch of craft storage!

  10. Those shelves are just so awesome! I love all your open, colorful storage. And I love how it can become a bedroom in 10 minutes! I hope to be taking you on a tour of my studio soon!!!

  11. Your sewing room is fantastic! Your husband did a great job on the shelves, they are so well organized :) You were so smart to raise your table to the right height, and put that beautiful skirt on it. I did get lots of ideas on how to store my supplies. Thank you!

  12. Loving the picture with those beautiful fabrics.

  13. Oh wow, it's FABULOUS!! I love the idea of a Murphy bed and the bed risers for the table are a brilliant idea! I love all the open storage and bright fabrics. I use all manner of baskets and tins too -- a flower pot is a good idea too! I'm in awe of your studio :)

  14. Thanks for the comment you left on my 7 Offbeat Bookshelves for the Home post. I'd love to have my own sewing studio. I don't even have a space to sew now :(

  15. It's so wonderful! You must love to create there!

  16. Holy sewing room batman!! Your space is amazing, so tidy too!

  17. I love your sewing room. I also have a extra bedroom I am converting to a sewing room so your ideas will help me so much. My husband loves woodworking and ask if I wanted shelves. I haven't given him an answer yet but seeing how yours has come together so well I think I will tell him yes. He had also said something about a bed in the wall. That looks great also. Your ideas are what I have been looking for and actually getting to see them has helped me so much. Now I can get myself and hubby busy to create a beautiful sewing room. Also I have been getting your monthly mini quilts and cannot wait to make them. Just wondering where I can purchase a little hanger for them like you have yours in the picture. Thanks so very much.

  18. Your sewing room is a dream come true.
    I use the spare guest room and what a mess it is in! I am so disorganised and messy. I start one project and before it is finished I have the next one cut out! I also have my computer in this room and my sewing machine at the back of my chair, on a small table, the bed, forget it! it is covered in things I have made or I am going to make.
    Love this site though, and the patterns I purchased from you, they are great. Great excuse to buy more fabric! I live rural so don't have a fabric shop near me, I have to visit the local town with limited choice as it covers lots of different crafts, or buy on the internet, where I am never sure of the quality.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you, I am so glad I found craftsy.
    Hailing from KIRRIEMUIR in SCOTLAND. Best wishes, Lesley


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