Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Organizing Your Time

If you search through my blog you are sure to find some great organizational tips to keep your creating space clutter free and you'll know where everything is. I haven't touched on how to organize your time. This isn't just for your hobby or business, everyone can get get more done with a little organization! I'll share some of my tips and techniques. Some will work for you, some may not, so do whatever works for you.

Let's start with calendars. Some people prefer to use a paper calendar and I was the same way until recently. I'm also the type of person who not only hates clutter, but also I like travel (day to day) very light. I like the Samsung calendar that comes with my phone. I can sync it with my Google calendar. Works very well for me. Paper or electronic, find one that works for everything and if you have a business, you'll want one that will merge the two events so you only have to go to one place. I love the color coding for events and tasks as well.

Where to store all your general (and non general) data? This is where I find that Evernote does the best job ever! I keep my trips organized, my business information, addresses, websites, various notes, and even recipes. You can create various "notebooks" and each notebook can have several cards or pages. This thing just does so much, I don't know where to begin. It's best for you to just check it out and see for yourself. And yes, it's FREE! There are several apps and websites out there, and I've tried several, but once I discovered Evernote, I quit looking.

List, lists, and more lists. I am a list maker! It just feels so good to cross off items as you complete them. Before I used the electronic apps I used the old fashioned paper and pencil, and you should use whatever works for you. There are so many apps out there if you want the electronic version, again, find what works for you. Other than the usual grocery lists and packing lists, I like to keep some To Do lists as well.

TODAY: I always have a "TODAY" list in all caps of course. On my app I always have a list with the name of the day of the week, although I don't get too far ahead of myself. If I absolutely don't want to forget a task, I'll put it on my calendar then add it to my list the night before. This is an important list because this is how I make sure my stuff gets done for that day. I use the same list for business and personal. If for some reason I don't get a task finished, I'll add it to the next day.

WEEKLY or MONTHLY: These are nice lists to have and are good for big projects, or things that you need to get done that month. You can move these items to your daily list when you can fit it into a certain day.

"WHEN LISTING" LIST: I know this sounds silly but when you know why I call it that, it will make sense. When I first list a new pattern, there are various steps that I don't want to forget, so I create a list of things to do at that time. For example, before I list an item, I proof it, prepare display images, turn it into a PDF document, add it to my items inventory list, introduce it on Instagram, etc.... There are actually about fifteen things I do when I first list a new pattern or clipart set.

I also have other lists where I like to use Excel spreadsheet. An important one is my "Shop Check Off List." Between my graphics and my patterns, I sell at about eight different places. The first two places I list to are Craftsy and Etsy. Then I spread out the other listings throughout the week. It would be too hard to remember what I posted when and where, so I created the spreadsheet so I can have a check off list.

Above are a few ways I like to keep organized. Feel free to share your tips in the comments section. I'd love he hear them!


  1. these are great tips and I have all the best intentions but for some reason I can not get myself organized. It's a good thing I'm not trying to run a business or I would probably run it right into the ground or more likely lose it in the big mess.....lol

  2. Great tips! You are SO organized!! I still hand-write my lists, but I love Evernote. And I have a new-to-me iPhone, and I'm anxious to get it activated. I love the computerized color-coded calendars at work, so I may end up combining calendars into one on my phone.

  3. We sound similar! I use a day planner (on paper!) for most things, like meetings, my daily to-do list, and birthdays, plus Evernote for general data and passwords. I'm still not a huge fan of digital calendars because the act of physically writing things down helps me remember them, but I do love Evernote now.

  4. How nice. One can never be to organized; especially when it comes to blogging.


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