Monday, January 22, 2024

Applique Tips for the Regular Sewing Machine

There are two ways to think about machine applique. There is the applique that you do on an embroidery machine where the machine does all the stitching, and there is applique that you do on a regular sewing machine where you do the stitching. You can also choose different types of stitching around your appliques.

Since I'm hosting the monthly mug rug freebie here on the blog, I thought it would be a great time to reintroduce my two-part series of my favorite applique tips. These tips are for the applique that you do with the regular sewing machine. You can also do them by hand if you choose. Sometimes I prefer to applique by hand because I can kick back and watch a show or two while I stitch.

If you plan on doing a lot these mug rugs or applique in general, I can not stress enough what a difference your machine foot makes! I highly recommend using an "open toe foot" for your sewing machine (not embroidery machine). It gives you a clear view of every stitch you are making. I just checked on Amazon and you can still get them for under $10. So worth the price!

Below are the two articles that I wrote with favorite and most helpful tips for the applique process. 

Applique Tips - Part 1

Applique Tips - Part 2

If you want to join in on the fun by making the free mug rug of the month, you can click HERE.

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