Monday, January 8, 2024

Cozy Up My Space

I spend a lot of time in my studio and I decided to cozy it up a little. I do keep it neat unless I'm in the middle of projects. Some of you have already seen my studio and if you haven't I have a tour on the blog that you can view HERE.

Although my job consists of patterns, embroidery designs, and constant testing of them, I also spend a lot of time at my desk doing the graphic work for the designs, keeping my books, creating ads, and other desk work.

One of the things I have in the studio is LED overhead lighting. And when the lights are on, they are bright, I might even say super bright. In fact, the electrician that came by to install them asked me if I was sure I wanted them in a bedroom. I told him that I work in here so it's perfect. When I'm just doing desk work, it is still so bright so I now have a lamp stand that is near my desk so I have perfect lighting for working on the computer or sketching up some designs. 

Now that the lighting at my desk is softer, I decided to add some coziness. I spend so much time here that I figured why not. I found these flameless candles on Amazon that look so real. They came in a set of three but I split them up so I could have one or two in my studio. And how do you like the little owls? Another Amazon find that looks so cute on my window cell. In the right of the image you'll see a cute little wooden sign that my husband made for me on his scroll saw and I just love it!

I just thought I'd share my little space for working on all the designs I've been creating!

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