Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Ducks on Lake George

A few years back when I worked at the printing business with my Sis, we worked in an old turn of the century building. Out the front window we saw the historic downtown and out the back window was the newly renovated lakefront.

One day I'm looking out front and I see a woman standing in the middle of Main Street stopping traffic. Being the nosey concerned person that I am, I had to see what the heck she was doing. I saw a momma duck and 8 or 10 baby ducklings all in a neat little row behind her. They walked along side our building until they ended up at the lakefront. Of course I had to grab my camera and follow. As I look over I see mom jumping into the lake before turning around to face her babies. Next thing I see, after a little pause, are the baby ducklings jumping in next to her one at a time. After they were all in safely, mom turned around and swam away as they all followed close behind. It was as if they were hesitant at first but they had complete trust in mom.

I even got some cute video of them jumping in and as soon as I master editing and uploading video, I can share some with you. This is why I carry my little camera with me everywhere I go.

I really enjoyed sharing that little moment in their little lives. It may sound odd to some, but to me, moments like that are a real treat!


  1. Precious! Looking forward to your video. We had ducks as pets the whole time I was growing up in the tropics. At one point we had 12. One of them was named Crewcut because of the coloring on his little head. They came running when you tapped the fly swatter on the concrete floor—supper! Another time I let them in the house and they crawled over my Mom's face as she lay napping on a mat on the floor. She sat up swatting crazily. What a sight.

  2. Ducklings are such cute baby animals! We had ducks when we were kids.

  3. Oh how sweet! I love to see ducklings following along, on land or water!! I love the way she turned to encourage her babes! Can't wait to see the video!

  4. Great shot and story! Nature is the best entertainment!


  5. Oh my that was probably so adorable to see!!

  6. Oh my! I love love love baby ducks. Can't wait to see your video. xo, Mary

  7. I love those moments, too! Thanks for sharing it! So cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, as well!
    Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard!

  8. Sher, love your mushroom header:) And how cute, the baby ducks and their story. Looking forward to the video:) Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh they are so adorable!

    Found you via Handmadeology. Following you now.
    Best wishes,


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