Friday, September 23, 2011

Pet Day - Bubba

I thought it would be fun to have Pet Day once a week. Each week I'll introduce you to one of our family pets.
We are going to start off with Bubba. This is our little seven pound Yorkie. He's such a little sweetie. He's also a funny little guy. He chases the gigantic exercise ball around and growls. He's so vicious! Yah Right! He also has a thing for the toaster. He always knows when something is in the toaster and when he discovers this, he runs to the heating vent in the dining room, looks into it and growls and barks. We don't know why he does this.

We almost lost our little guy in January when he became blocked and bladder stones were stuck. I ran him to work (I work for his vet) and I was hysterical! I couldn't bear to see him suffer like that. Doc rearranged his schedule and actually ended up saving his life. He said the stones had caused so much damage that his urethra was surrounded by necrotic tissue. That's dead tissue! When I asked him if the damaged area would heal, and recover, he said, "I don't know, I've never had a dog live with that much damage."

He's now on prescription food that should prevent future stones. He had a few stones removed six months earlier but those didn't cause any damage and they were too big to get stuck like the last ones did.

Our sweet Bubba! He's one tough little guy!


  1. Wow, I'm glad Bubba pulled through. He has a great happy expression in that photo! I am looking forward to meeting the rest of your pets too.

  2. Your vet/boss is an awesome guy. So glad he could save your baby...and we all know that our so called pets are more like children to us ;)
    Your lil Bubba is a cutie!

  3. Bubba is adorable!


  4. Sher, you know I love Bubba and think he is so adorable. I have 2 Shih small dogs.

    Wow, bladder stones? How horrible, I hope Bubba remains stone free with his new diet. I know my guys eat special kidney friendly food. The wide array of special care foods out there is pretty amazing. Give your sweet guy a big hug and kiss for me.


  5. So glad he is much better and hope he stays healthy.....and he is such a cutie!

  6. I know that was scary for you and I'm so glad he pulled through. With a name like Bubba, he's one tough little guy!

  7. Bubba is adorable! Our pets are so important to us. Non pet people just don't understand. We almost lost our cat to infected anal glands. People at work couldn't believe we paid 2000$ to save him, but we couldn't imagine doing anything else. That was two years ago and he's been healthy as a horse (sorry!) ever since.

    Long live Bubba!

  8. I know that was a bad time when he was so sick, he is so cute, I hope everything goes okay now

  9. Bubba is a little cutie. I can only imagine how scared you must have been when you had to take him to the vet.

  10. Wow! My first thought was why would someone name such a dainty little guy "Bubba" but after hearing about his big spirit I can understand why! He is a cutie!

  11. Bubba is adorable, and such a fun personality!! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to more of your pet posts!

    My daughter has a Yorkie~Maltese mix and she is so sweet... loves to chase critters... barks at animals on the TV... and she's a great friend! Her personality is definitely more Yorkie than Maltese! :)

  12. So cute. I am glad he is OK.
    Thanks for introducing him.


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