Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Black Cat Collection

I'm not big on collections or knick knacks. I like the style where less is more. When it comes to my kitchen counters, I like them clutter free. Just ask my husband. I do have a few things out that I really love. There are pictures, candles, and a few accessories here and there.

Back when the kids were little I think I collected everything. You name it, I collected it. I had an awesome teapot collection that I do wish I still had because I think it would look pretty on a high shelf in the dining room. Now, I don't keep a lot of things out except at Christmas. I have a lot of decorations!

Those who know me know that I love my black cats! If I see one, I usually have to have it. Above is just a few pieces of my collection.

From upper left to right:

Tote bag mom bought me several years ago

Painted rock that I painted back in my painted rock phase

Tiny stuffed cat that I bought right after I lost our precious Sabrina (black cat) after she died. She was feline leukemia positive :(

Sewing machine cover I made to cover my sewing machine, duh!

Candle holder my mom bought me one Halloween, but you know I still have it out

Black cat that I appliqued on a purse I made

What started my idea for this collection? My Pumpkin! I love her!!!!

Do you have any collections?


  1. Very nice black cat collection! I especially love the black cat you appliqued on a purse you made, very cute!

    I collect salt and pepper shakers, although I don't have them out right now. After moving here in 2007, we were going to re-do some things in our kitchen, but still haven't gotten to that yet... My collection will be out for display when we finally do that, and have a place for them. Haven't seen them in so long I've forgotten what I have. LOL!

  2. Nice items in your collection, I don't collect much anymore, used to collect clowns, but years ago my son watched the movie "It" at a friends after that he didn't like my clowns LOL. Still have a few of my Emmitt Kelly ones but that is about it.

  3. Isn't interesting that the older you get, the more "less is more" becomes a way of life? Pumpkin is gorgeous.

  4. Your black cat collection is really nice the real kittie too, she is quite beautiful.

    I'm with you these days, less is more for me. Back in the 90's it is amazing to see all the stuff I had standing around, all that I collected. I guess somewhere alone the way I felt like I had cluttered my life with too much crap.LOL Now, I would rather see less in my house then more. Besides, it makes it easier to clean.


  5. Love your collection. . . right now I'm not collecting anything, but once we are truly settled, I know some type of collection will develop cause I have a few ideas!!

  6. I love your black cat collection... and Pumpkin (HUGS))...

    I have an 11-year-old black cat named Mr. Bip.

  7. What a cool collection...and quite timely too!

    The tote bag and sewing machine cover are especially lovely.

    I collect tea cups and brooches/funky pins. Haven't really added to either collection in a while though.

    I have a black cat named Paulie. He's quite the character!

    What's the strangest type of collection anyone's every come across?

  8. Great collection! I love your cat painted rock!
    I collect red glass pieces. I love the way the glass glows when the sunlight shines on it. :)

  9. I definitely agree that this is age related! I only have three collections left, like you Sher, Christmas - no way around it - something husbands just don't get ! :)
    Coffee cups souvenirs from vacations or just ones that are pretty and now one of my daughters has started giving them to me. I really have too many!
    Finally, cats, real cats, we have 4!!

  10. Love the candle holder...and our photo of Pumpkin :)
    I used to have a thing for soup spoons. I'd always take them from restaurants :) I still have them all in a box in the attic :)

  11. I love your painted cat rock! And your Pumpkin looks just like a cat I used to have. Her name was Ramoth.


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