Friday, June 21, 2013

3-Dimensional Paint - Helpful Tips

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I LOVE my 3-Dimensional paint! My favorite thing to use it on are fabric and felt crafts. When it comes to making gingerbread boys and girls, it makes the best frosting! It's also a great supply for kids to use on their crafts (see the photo below with the treat/gift bags). Lately with my mug rug craze, I'm finding it handy to embellish them with this washable product as well.

This paint can be pretty tricky to work with if you’ve never used it. The following are some little tips that will help you to prevent problems such as spitting and globbing. I figured spell-check wouldn’t accept globbing, but you know what I mean!

~It’s best to start with a fresh bottle rather than using paint that has been laying around forever.

~Before using, shake very, very well. I always hold the bottle upside down while shaking so that the paint goes toward the tip.

~Lay a napkin or paper on your work surface and tap the tip on it several times during your project. This will help keep the paint at the tip, and prevent air bubbles that can cause spitting.

~I always do a little test drop on my napkin or paper before applying to my project. I even do this several time during my project. You never know when there is an air bubble or glob at the tip waiting to mess up your project!

~Keep a napkin in hand while working on your project so you can keep that tip clean. This will help you get nice, clean lines or dots.

~If you are new to this product, I'd suggest practicing before using it on your project. But once you get the hang of it, you'll love it and will find all kinds of things to use it on!

All the patterns to the photos you see in the photo above, along with the gingerbread napkin rings, garland, and ornaments, can be found at my Craftsy and Etsy shops.


  1. I used that paint a lot as a kid, I like how your gingerbread men look.

  2. I love that paint as well, but I hate when I'm trying to test it out and a big glob comes shooting out, haha. Love your Easter bags as well, they're too cute!
    (from blogging buddies)

  3. my biggest problem with dimensional paint was always my lack of patience. I always had to test it to see if it was dry or not, and usually it wasn'

  4. Great tips...but I'd love to be able to make gingerbreads as cute as those in the first place!

  5. I made your gingerbread garland with my 7th grade TeamMate last winter. She loved using the paints. Great tips!

  6. These are great tips, thanks Sher! I used to paint on fabric and made a lot of fun things... I haven't done anything like that is so long, reading this makes me want to try it again! Those felt Easter treat bags are adorable!

  7. 3-D paints are so fun and really add such nice detail to projects. You provided great tips here. This can be a tricky supply to work with if you aren't patient!

  8. Thanks for all of the tips! I don't work with 3D paints very often, but I'll keep this post in mind if I ever do. Great resource!

  9. The Gingerbread napkin rings are adorable.


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