Friday, June 28, 2013

Makeup By Candlelight

The photo above appears as if one is getting ready for a relaxing and enjoyable bath, doesn't it? Well, I only wish. We had some bad storms move through the area which left us without electricity and water for two days. I felt so primitive. I had to use candlelight to put on my makeup. No wonder women didn't wear makeup back in the old days!

Living out in the country we are used to being the last to be restored during power outages. I've gotten into the habit of filling one of the bathtubs with water when I hear a storm rolling in, just in case. We use that water for washing, and pool water for toilets. We always have a lot of drinking water on hand so that's never a problem.

But on another note, we will be shopping for a whole house generator this fall!


  1. I bet it did feel kind of primitive, two days without electricity! Sounds like you are well prepared... I too, live out in the country and seems we have to be one step ahead all the time! A generator is a good idea!

  2. So sorry to hear about the power outage! I'm glad that you prepare well for these emergencies.

  3. I would go nuts being without power for that long. When ours goes out I always have to put candles in the bathroom because that's the only room in the house without a window

  4. Oh my, two days! That's kind of a bummer! I think the generator could be a great investment!

  5. Sorry to hear about your power outage!! You will love your new generator. My son in NH has power outages every winter (not a lot of underground lines because it is the GRANITE State). They lose power for days (one year almost 2 weeks) at a time. Four years ago they got a generator. The love it.

  6. I am not prepared for power outages at all! I should take some precautions.


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