Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shopping for the Baby Registry

In a few short months my first grand-baby will be here! Today I went with the kids to register for their baby shower. I was amazed at how many thing they have for baby now. Things sure have changed in the 27 years since I had my first one. Prices have changed quite a bit too. The registry is much different as well. Now they hand you a scanner instead of paper and a checklist. And my son was having way too much fun with that scanner!

We went to two stores and saw lots of baby things!

And you might notice the pink elephant in the picture, yep, it's a girl!

Background paper and clipart are from my baby collections available at my Etsy Shop.


  1. How exciting, congratulations! I agree with you, things sure have changed since I had my kids over 23 years ago! Especially prices! My brother and sister-in-law had a baby in 2006 and my mom and I went with her to pick out things for her registry and that scanner was really fun!

  2. Cute picture of your daughter-in-law! :)

  3. So exciting! People really enjoy the scanner.

  4. How exciting, she'll be here before you know it

  5. Congratulations! You will love being a grandma!!


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