Monday, June 10, 2013

Walking For Fitness

Even though I have an elliptical trainer and several Pilates DVDs, my favorite form of exercise has always been walking and hiking. No special equipment is needed, and you can do it anywhere, home or away. 

If I'm in the mood for some beautiful scenery and loud crashing waves, I drive a few minutes and walk along the shores of Lake Michigan. We even have a lighthouse that you can get to by walking along a pier.

If I'm really energetic I hit the trails at the Dunes. Trail 8 is a killer! It takes you up three huge dunes and back. They also have moderate and easy trails as well. We also have a bunch of smaller parks near our home that have nice walking trails.

Sometimes I just want to walk and get back home, those times, I hit the country roads by my house. I just put on my walking shoes, grab my camera (always) and start walking. 

One of my favorite things to do is find quaint little towns, Main Street style, and stroll. We don't have much of that around here, but it's worth the drive if we want to walk some. We can get to St. Joseph, Michigan or Saugatuck in less than an hour.

Whenever we are on vacation or out of town for something, we can always find someplace nice to walk.

Photo above: the shores of Lake Michigan on one of my walks just before sunset. Photo taken at the Indiana Dunes State Park.

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  1. I never get tired of Lake Michigan or the dunes! Walking is also one of my favorite forms of exercise. I love getting out during the warmer months to explore new areas. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Nothing beats the fresh, outside air!

  3. I love walking too. You have beautiful scenery to enjoy along the way, I must say.

  4. I've always enjoyed walking and I would do it more but by the time I get home from work I just don't have the energy on most day

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  6. I think walking is an excellent exercise, it is even more healthy than jogging because you don't strain your heart!

  7. Beautiful photo. I enjoy walking, too, but need to be more disciplined about getting out and doing it! Walking on the MoPac Trail (a Rails to Trails trail in the country) is on my To Do list this week.

  8. What a wonderful place to walk!! So peaceful and beautiful, I love walks on the beach.

  9. gorgeous photo! How lucky you are to live nearby!
    I've never been to the Indiana Dunes, but read about them in the past and was enamored.


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