Friday, November 29, 2013

From the Desk of Bubba & Punkie - Holiday Pet Danger

We are now into the holiday season and Bubba and Punkie would like to remind you of some dangers to their furry friends. Most you probably already know about, and some you might not, and some of you may be new to pet ownership.

Tinsel (also includes sewing thread and dental floss) - its pretty on your tree, but can cut through your pets stomach like a knife, or cause a blockage. It looks so harmless but it can be deadly. If you ever see a sting hanging from your pets rear area, DO  NOT CUT OR PULL! Get your pet to the vet IMMEDIATELY! This is an emergency! This is one that I never knew about until I worked for a vet. I've seen several animals die a painful death because of this.

Antifreeze - please check your garage floors and driveways regularly. Just the tiniest amount will poison your animal, wildlife, or a stray. It has a really sweet flavor that the animals love.

Chocolate - especially unsweetened baking chocolate. There is a chemical that is fine for people, but deadly for your pets.

Christmas lights - is an electrocution hazard, especially for a puppy or kitten who likes to chew.

Ice Melt - can cause all kinds of intestinal problems with ingested, even death. And you know your pets love to lick their paws!

Foods such as onions, grapes, alcoholic beverages, coffee grinds, and many more.

Also, if it's too cold for you to be outside, it's too cold for your pet! Please give outdoor animals a shelter of some kind for the winter. If you can bring them in the house, that's even better.

The above are just a short list of many. I found a couple of really good links with excellent information. If you are new to pet ownership, you might want to read them. I was actually surprised by a few myself!


  1. I already knew about several of these I didn't know about coffee grounds though. This is a good reminder to keep our furbabies safe through the holidays. Now I'm going to check the other list

  2. Thank you for the list. I hadn't thought about ice melt as a hazard -- or coffee grounds or grapes.

  3. A great reminder! I have 2 cats and always try to maintain a kitty proof home. They are such curious little animals. One of them like to touch everything with his paws so I am forced to be really neat!

  4. Please keep your pets in the house when there is firework.


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