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Tutorial - Painted Snowman Wine Glasses

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Hand painted glassware is all the rage right now. I've come up with this super simple, quick, easy and cute craft. These make great hostess gifts, especially paired with a bottle of wine. They make great gifts for yourself as well!

Wine glass(es)
ENAMEL paints, usually sold by the acrylic paints
~white, black, orange, green, red, any other color(s) you want
Ribbon or homespun strip of fabric (optional for presentation)
Paint brush
Sponge or other “dabbing” type tool
Palette, plastic lid, or paper plate (my favorite)
A couple (soft) paper napkins
Cookie sheet to hold glasses while baking
(Image 1)

Always start with a squeaky clean glass and keep it that way. Before you begin painting an area, be sure to wipe it down with alcohol and if you accidentally touch that area during painting, wipe that spot again with the alcohol. The oils from your hands can actually prevent your paint from permanently sticking to the glass. While painting the upper part of the glass, I always hold the stem or put my hands inside the glass. At some places you may find that you want to add a second coat. I did this at the upper edge of the wine glass as well as on the bottom and on the stem. It’s also very important to allow paint to completely dry between coats and color changes. Also be sure to wash and dry your brushes thoroughly after each color or between coats. (Image 2) 


1.  Shake your paint well and place a small amount at a time on your palette. I used about the size of a quarter for most painting at one time. Begin with the white paint. Dip your sponge or other tool in the paint, then blot it on the paper plate or other protective surface a couple of times to spread it evenly on your sponge or tool. Gently blot the upper part of the wine glass until it’s completely covered. You can use a brush and paint it on using strokes if you prefer, but I really like the “frosted” effect I got by using the blotting method. Let dry. (Image 3 & 4)


3.  Paint two dots just above the center of the glass for eyes. Make five dots for a smile, or you can draw a curved line. After these dry, you can place a tiny dot of white at the upper part of each eye. (images 5, 6, 7)


4.  If you want to make some rosy cheeks, you can add a small amount of red to the white and gently blot it at the end of the smile. I did this on two of my glasses, but I really prefer it without the rosy cheeks. Personal preference.

5.  Using the orange, make a carrot shape for the nose. (Image 8)

6.  Using the red or green paint, do something fun and decorative at the upper edge. You can make dots, squares, curved lines, whatever you want. I made a simple scalloped strip and added a dot of another color in the center of each scallop. Making the dots are so simple. I used the flat end of a paintbrush to “dot” the colors onto the glass. Perfect dot every time! (Image 9 & 10)


7.  Paint the stems and the bottom of the wine glass. I used two coats for this part. After they are dry you can add another color of paint to make stripes, swirls, dots, anything you want. I actually liked them best a solid color. (Image 11)

8.  Once the glasses are completely dry, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for on the bottle of the paint brand you are using for finishing. For example, for the brand of paint I used, I was to allow my paint to dry for 48 hours. After that, I set them in a cool oven, I set the temperature to 325 degrees, bake 30 minutes, turn oven off, let them cool down in the oven before removing. (Image 12)


After they are baked, they can be washed but I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher.

For a cute presentation, you can tie a bow or ribbon at the upper part of the stem. Perfect for a hostess gift!

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  1. These turned out SO cute! They'll be so fun during the upcoming holidays!

  2. Oh, these are adorable! I am no artist but I could handle the dots and carrot on these!

  3. These are just so cute! Thanks for sharing this wonderfully happy tutorial!


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