Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bubba Won a Giveaway!

Bubba is so excited because he just got two new sweaters for the upcoming Indiana winter! He won a blog giveaway. Doesn't he look super cute in his new duds?

You can find other crocheted items and cute sweaters just like this at Jenya2 Handknit Fashions. Like me, I'm sure you will love her use of color! I wanted to get to know the person behind the fashions so I asked her to send me a little information about herself and this is what I found out:

Last September, 2010, she started knitting little dog sweaters for her local Humane Society and for friends and family for the holidays.  By November she had so many sweaters and such a  humongous stash of yarn that she began formulating a plan to open a shop on Etsy where she had been a buyer for many years.  On Nov 7th Jenya2 was launched.  To her surprise and delight she had a very good holiday season and met many people who she now considers friends.

All her sweaters, including the hand knit necklaces and ladies shrugs, are one of a kind original designs. That is the challenge that keeps her interested and excited to create. 

You can find her Etsy Shop HERE where you will find so many cute things!

For those who don't know Bubba's special story of survival, you can read about it on her blog HERE

Below are a few of her new designs, dog sweater vests, and dog jackets:


  1. Precious!

    Bubba is cute!!


  2. Both Bubba and the sweaters are really cute!

  3. Congratulations to Bubba on his win. Those are some great looking sweaters. He'll be nice and warm this winter

  4. Thanks so much Sheryl, it was a pleasure meeting you and Bubba. I wish you much success with your shop and for Bubba continued good health.


  5. He's looking handsome in his new sweater! So cute!

  6. so cute! great puppy sweaters :) Bubba's quite the looker as well :)

  7. How sweet of you to feature Jenya's shop. She is such a great lady! I lover her knitting and use of color. She has such unique items!

  8. I like her creations!
    your bubba looks ubber cute!


  9. Jenya's sweaters are gorgeous! Bubba looks so happy in his winnings :)

  10. SO cute! And I love that your doggy's name is Bubba! My old boy (15 year old Lab/Chow) is nicknamed "Bubby!" (Hence the name of my blog).

    I just discovered your blog. Love it! And congrats on winning the giveaway Bubba!



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