Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Time in Pool, Bathing Suit, Blogging Grannies

Well, today was the first time I jumped into our pool. Unfortunately this was also the first time I had to get into my bathing suit. The swim, or should I say float, was lovely, peaceful, and relaxing. Unfortunately getting into the bathing suit wasn't as pleasurable. It was quite depressing! Next year, I hope to be writing something completely different.

So is anyone on this weight loss adventure right now? Do you have any favorite tips to share? How do you keep your motivation? I need all the help I can get!

Also...I just found this great team on Etsy, it's called Blogging Grannies. It's for the "mature (not old) woman" and it's a brand new team. Looks like it will be fun. The founder is a nice and warm person so it's already off to a good start. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find it HERE. You don't have to be a grandma to join. I am not one, hopefully some day I will be. Hint, hint, kids!

So, on to my motivational tips! Bring them on!!!

Photo Above: My baby Bubba last year chillin on the raft. He likes the raft but isn't too fond of the water.


  1. My best tip is to never go grocery shopping when you are hungry, it makes it easier to resist buying all those tempting snacks. Bubba is adorable!

  2. yes! i'm in the loos-weight program. well, i go to the gym for cardio and sauna, and lessen my dinner portion :)


  3. Oh, I'm so jealous you have a pool! Well, I sort of have one too (in my apartment complex), but it's not the same as having one all to yourself, especially as you mentioned how not awesome it can be sometimes to see yourself for the first time in a bathing suit! My best tip is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. If you eat every four hours, a small meal or large snack, you'll be less likely to want to stuff your face when you get home at night. The part I struggle with the most is sticking to an exercise regime.

  4. I think Bubba and Duke could have a great time together in the pool
    I haven't had my bathing suit on yet and I'm afraid to try it. I'm not trying to lose weight at the moment but I know I should be

  5. My only real tip would be to work on first thing in the morning and/or first thing during the week. I try to get to the gym twice a week and I make it a priority to get there on Monday. That way, whatever else comes up during the week, at least I've gone once.


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