Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've Been Inspired Again!

On my way home from work today I decided to stop by Hobby Lobby. I walked around and inspiration and ideas were everywhere! I bought some felt, paint, and owl beads. I LOVE these beads! I have some great ideas of what I'm going to do with them. Stay tuned to Sher's Creative Space because there are some tutorials in the works using the items I bought. And by the way...they will not be used together.

I made some really cute wine glass charms last night but the tutorial is put away in a folder for now. I'm going to be a guest host on another blog in September and I'll be giving the tutorial on them. I'll let you know when and where when the times come.

The last day of Hobby Lobby's sale is tomorrow so I'm going to buy the last two strings of owl beads tomorrow. I hope they are still there.


  1. Hi Sher, these are just lovely...I'll look forward to seeing your newest creations as well. Have a creative Sunday.


  2. sounds like lots of fun to come :) I wish we had a hobby lobby here.


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