Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Creative with those Close-up Shots

I love to zoom in or use my macro. Some of my favorite photos are those up close shots. People and landscapes are cool, but you can get so creative with the close-ups.

Notice how the water makes a perfect background for my dunes pictures? The water really shows off the photos well.

If I didn't tell you, would you know that the background of this scrap page is a deliciously cooked turkey?

Now, one of my personal favorite things to do with those zoomed images is play with my text. Make sure you rasterize the text first before combining with the photos.

So there you have it. As you can see, I love my photography and I love my PhotoShop!

Heading off to hike the dunes with hubby!!! One of our favorite things to do. I'll be visiting you all later. It's a beautiful, sunny day here on Lake Michigan! Finally!!!!!!


  1. Awesome photos and I love the turkey background!

    Stopping by from Bloggin' Buddies on etsy


  2. what a great idea of using those close ups for backgrounds. they look great. Nope never would have guessed it was a turkey :)
    Glad to hear you have sunshine, it's cold and cloudy here today

  3. Great post! I love those close-up shots, too, but I usually go for extreme close-ups. I like how the image is so close that the viewer has to think twice about what it actually is.
    My favourite is the footprints in the sand macro - wonderful photo!
    Have fun on the dunes!
    Zenobia Southcombe

  4. Sher, Hope you had a great day with your husband. Great post and yes, great close ups. I think they are some of my favorites when it comes to the camera as well.


  5. Very creative use of the backgrounds, you have a good eye! :) And thanks for the kind words on my blog.

  6. I love to scrapbook, but don't seem to have the time anymore. You have done a wonderful job with these pages.

  7. Great photo's. I am just now getting in to photography more and really trying to better the pics in my shop.

  8. Nice job on the photos! Very creative backgrounds!!


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