Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cats on Counters!

I was telling someone today how I have the perfect cat, that very rare perfect cat. Pumpkin, a strictly indoor cat, has never gone potty outside the litter box, never jumps onto things she's not supposed to, and actually listens to my commands! I say, "Pumpkin, get back here" and here she comes. She's mellow. sweet, affectionate, and so darn cute. She's 11 years old and has always been the perfect cat. Her favorite spots to chill are in the sink of the guest bathroom or any soft bed or in front of an open window.

Her and her brother (Bubba, yorkie) get treats twice a day and she always knows when that will happen so she will usually jump on the dining room table and wait for it. We rarely use the table for eating. After her treat she jumps right down. Well, today I walk into the kitchen and there she is! All relaxed and laying on the kitchen counter! Dad would not like that! So we won't tell him and hope he doesn't read this post.

So what is your opinion about cats on kitchen counter tops? Do you let them up there or do you shoo them off?


  1. My three fancy felines aren't much for countertops but they do sit in "their" chairs at the dining room table. I have no idea why but they each have a chair they like to sit in. The most annoying spot though is on top of the TV in the bedroom, but I still don't shoo them, I'm a softy! They have a large cat tree so for the most part they are content on it!
    Pumpkin is sooo cute! She looks quite relaxed on the counter top. Maybe she frequents it when she knows mom and dad aren't there! Sneaky little cat :p

  2. I have one kitty in the house and she is too plump to make that jump. :)
    Thanks for your visit and vote. ;)

  3. Our kitten Cleo is allowed on every surface of our house EXCEPT the kitchen counter. Mostly because I have soap curing up there, but also because we don't like the idea of a cat being up where we prepare food. She's gotten up there a few times but I always make her get down. Her favorite spot is on my husband's desk in front of the sunny window. =)

  4. Yep always been a rule no cats on the counter or the table. Doesn't stop them but they get in trouble when they get caught ha

    Your cat is so cute! =)

    I just started following you! =) Fellow etsian =)

  5. I'm the exception to the rule here. When I had a cat I kept his food on the counter because I've always had dogs too. If I put the cat food on the floor, the dog would eat it. I figured the cat was always on the counter when I wasn't looking anyway so what was the
    Of course I always cleaned the counter off before I started cooking.

  6. I grew up with dogs who obviously aren't allowed on the counter so when I got a kitty a couple years ago there was no way I was letting her on the counter either.

  7. I do actually let my cat up on the counter, i think more or less because she thinks she is getting away with something and it makes her feel special:-)

  8. My indoor cat has never jumped on the kitchen countertop. I'd probably be less worried about it since I clean the counters before I cook or prepare food anyways.

  9. I meant to say ... Pumpkin sure looks comfy where she is:)
    Thanks for your visit.

  10. I have a tendency to take in stray cats that show up at the door (or kittens found under the car in the parking lot, or handed to me by friends, or...). Some of them stay with me, some get placed when I find just the right home. But I gave up on the counter thing long ago. I might be able to train one, but a few every year? When the older ones are learning bad habits from the newer ones? Nope. They can't be around when I have food, and I clean before prepping the food.


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