Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chairs for a Cause

The place where I work is just steps away from the Indiana Dunes State Park. Last night we participated in an event to help raise funds to promote tourism for the Dunes. The local businesses who wanted to participate purchased an Adirondack chair to decorate any way they wanted. The chairs were then displayed at the event where the residents could come and vote for their favorite. They also had food, drinks, and a dunk tank. I don't know who was getting dunked though.

They had a total of 16 chairs (our town is VERY small) and above is a representation of my favorites. Our chair is front and center. I personally think it's the best one of all. One of our tech's father in law painted it for us. Notice Howard in the upper left corner of our chair?

Our chair also has:
Coaltrain (our very own macaw)
The lizard to represent "Gates" our alligator that just passed away :(
2 hawks, we rescue lots of them
A deer, we have 5 fawns we're playing mommy to right now
A dog & cat because well, we do see those too
A snake, we have over 65, most non-poisonous
A horse, we don't see horses ???
And various ground animals

As of the time of this posting I don't know who won. I'll keep you posted.

Click the picture to see it bigger


  1. What an awesome way to support a cause while making a one of a kind treasure!

  2. This is cool! I love the chair in the middle, and the chair in the upper left corner. What a bunch of talented artists you have in your community!

  3. Gorgeous chair Sher! I sooo envy painting artests. Would love to paint like that!
    Judy K.

  4. Awesome chair, Sher. Great work!! Please let us know who won. My vote is for your chair!!

  5. Those are so cool! Yours should definitely is perfect for what you do and what your organization represents :)

  6. Firs of all I love Adirondack chairs. I've wanted some for ages. Second those are awesome. I agree that yours is the best out of all of them though. That tech's father in law did an amazing job of painting it.

  7. Have not heard of this particular chair model before - but they look rather comfortable! Visiting you as a result of reading your heads up on the Blogging Buddies site. Am going to follow you: hope you'll do the same for me at Hope you did win: agree yours looks most superior!

  8. Beautiful chairs...what a wonderful idea!


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