Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three Quick Questions

One of my favorite things about blogging is visiting all the other talented and fun people out there and seeing a glimpse of their personal side. I came up with the idea of asking 3 quick questions. Nothing complicated or personal, just a couple little things that I think you'd feel comfortable sharing.  So here goes:

1. What is on your desktop?
Mine as you can see is a cat. It's my son's cat, Mr. Patches. He lives with my son now but he spent his first 5 years with me. This is my favorite picture of him. However, I change my backgrounds about every week or so.

2. What's the last CD you listened to?
For me it was The Best of Etta James. I love her! She has the voice of an angel.

3. What's the last craft project you finished (for personal or business)?
I made some napkin rings for myself.

So what about you?


  1. Love Mr. Patches snuggled against the drapes!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  2. What a neat idea. Mr. Patches is so darn cuteI love his bright orange color next to the white...snazzy lookin' fella he is! :)

    -My desktop background is actually one of the photos I found for one of the "mid-week tranquility" posts I did.
    -Believe it or not...Adam Lambert...I wasn't really a fan of him on Idol when he was competing but for some reason I felt the urge to get the CD. I prefer country music mostly so that was a bit of a change!
    -I've been slacking on crafting but the most recent one I did was for the giveaway I did. I made a custom pet bed for the winner! I'm still unpacking from the move.

  3. I'll play! I have a crazy Peter Max type abstract on my desktop. The last cd I listened to was Matchbox 20-love them! I just finished a lamp shade last week. Interesting way to get to know us a little bit!

  4. 1. I have a wallpaper I sketched myself (available here http://everybodyillustrated.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-designed-this-wall-paper-while.html )

    2. 21 by Adele - I'm kind of obsessed.

    3. I painted a birdhouse with my mom and my sister (we each had our own)

  5. 1) A photo of a purple wildflower (not an actual pasqueflower, but similar).

    2) A Bill Bryson book on tape: The History of Almost Everything.

    3) A half apron made with Michael Miller Home Ec fabric (looks like a kitchen right out of the early 60s complete with Betty Crocker and Susie Homemaker). I used vintage rick-rack for trim. (My hubby bought me 3 shoeboxes full of vintage rick-rack and bias tape at an estate sale--fifty cents a box, I think.

  6. What fun!

    1) a space photo

    2) Trans Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night

    3) A full apron repurposed from a flannel nightgown

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  8. How fun! Let's see...

    1. On my desktop: A picture of my two kids from a few years ago. And on my desk: Lots of paperwork that I NEVER want to sort through! LOL!

    2. I have an iPod, so when I'm in my studio I turn it on and let it play... There is a wide variety of music on there that I love. The last CD I listened to was quite a while ago, by Train, while driving in my car... I forget I have CD's ~ Thanks for the reminder!

    3. The last crafting project I finished is a cross-stitch Angel... Although I have never framed it, does that not count as finished? LOL!

    Thanks, this was fun!

  9. 1. Sitting on my desk is a cup of coffee and my hedgehog, Lucy, sleeping in her Cozy Sak.

    2. I download music to my mp3 player. The last song I listened to this morning while exercising was Hold Me by Jamie Grace.

    3. I just finished a few tug toys for my dogs.

    Visiting from Blogging Buddies.

  10. OK, I'll play, too.

    1. A picture of a willow tree

    2. I have an iPod, too. I shuffle through a variety of jazz, celtic and pop. The last CD was Dave Matthews-Under the Table and Dreaming

    3.The last craft project that wasn't for the shop was a mosaic lamp and lamp shade for my soon-to-be born granddaughter's nursery.

  11. My desktop is Admiral Akbar with the words "Keep Calm and It's A Trap!"

    The last all the wasy through was The Book Of Mormon Soundtrack.

    The last project I finished was a heart that I'll be mailing out later - before that It was a snazzy/redic pair of shorts that I crocheted in honor of the hurricane, which I, of course, blogged, lol... www.anoptimisticcynicblog.blogspot.com

  12. Great Idea and fun to read. I will play too

    1. The blue sky
    2. Carly Simon
    3. A bracelet with silver and turquoise for my etsy store....now I need to list it.

  13. This is fun!
    1. My desktop at the moment is a photo of the ceiling of the chapter house at the York Minster; it's beautiful.

    2. I haven't listened to an album in it's entirety in quite some time (I usually have my ipod or computer on shuffle when I'm working or whatever.) But the last songs I listened to this morning were a couple off the Strokes new album.

    3. The last thing I made was 2 elephant brooches, which I blogged about this morning.

    xoxo, Mary

  14. Desktop: I have my favorite picture of my boyfriend and myself :)

    Last CD: That's a toughie! I have several downloaded on my computer that I listen to at random while I work. Everything from SheDaisy to Jackyl to 2Pac. I told you it was Everything!

    Last Project: I've been engraving coasters like a mad woman this week to fill an order of 20 sets!

    Fun post :)

  15. This is a great idea for a post!
    1. my desktop photo is of our dog dexter

    2. it's sad to say that I have no cds in my possession anymore! It's all on my computer and ipod. But last thing I listened to was Bon Iver.

    3.Last thing I made were owl pillows. I still need to stuff them today!

  16. This is fun!

    1. I still have my horseshoe crab pic from Sanibel on my desktop.

    2. Shawn Mullins - 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor

    3. I just finished some shell-y and beachy candles!

  17. Mr. Patches is quite handsome, and I've been known to develop a cat crush or two! ;)

    1. Desktop: A picture of my husband clowning in a funny hat.

    2. Last CD: Sucker Punch Gospel by The Band Called Fuse

    3. Last project finished: a red leather wristlet w/antique key closure

    This is a great activity! :)

  18. I just changed my desktop picture to a picture of a rose the other day.
    I haven't listened to a CD in ages so I don't even remember.
    The last project I finished was the accordion flowers

  19. 1. For my home computer is a picture from our wedding. My work computer has fall leaves.

    2. "Say Anything Is A Real Boy" by Say Anything

    3. Last project was taking down some shelving and towel racks in the bathroom!

  20. My desk top is a photo of my son with autism and ds. My inspiration!

    U2's No Line on the Horizon,

    Painted some blonde cows and or steers I saw laying about last week. If they have horns, they are steers? Not a country girl!


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