Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photos, Photos, Everywhere!

If you are anything like me, you have thousands of pictures you've taken with your digital camera. Oh how photography has changed through the years. Now you can go to google and find an image on absolutely anything, in fact, you can find thousands of images for what you are looking for!

Exactly what do you do with all those pictures you take? Do you print them out on your home printer or do you upload them to your photo department at your favorite store? Do you look at them on your computer, on your big screen TV, or do you put them in a "physical" album? Do you scrapbook with them, turn them into computer backgrounds? Do you make enlargements and decorate your walls or just put a few favorites out on your tables? And where do you store them? And I'm most curious as to how you organize them all?

I do all the above. I don't print them out so much anymore unless I'm sending them off to my daughter. I mostly view mine on my computer or our TV which is connected to the Internet and I can view my Picasa web albums through there. As for organizing them, I find that the best way for me is to put them in folders according to the year. In each year are folders with the events that they were taken. For those odd ball photos that aren't from any special event, they are in a folder marked for that Season.

I also have an awesome photo wall in my living room with pictures from nature which I'll show you all another time.

I'm anxious to hear how the other photo-geeks like myself use and organize their pictures.

UPDATE: Our chair did not win the contest (the post below this one). But the chair that did win (Wagner's Ribs) was painted with a beach scene and I can honestly say that it deserved to win. It was beautifully done. You can see it in the picture (post below) on the upper left corner.


  1. I do a lot of what you mentioned. I know I've gotten worse at printing my photos since going digital. I do save my photos by year with subfolders for each month and back them up periodically.

  2. I have started printing a small index sheet of pictures I have. Because if we don't an entire generation will have no pictures of their childhood. Computers crash. Pictures get deleted.

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies

  3. Throwing the little memory card in my jewelry box doesn't count as organization, does it? I didn't think so!


  4. I still struggle with organization. But I try to download more frequently, and save my photos in smaller files. I don't print out many. (We have 9 grandchildren.) I need to remember to make backup copies. If my computer crashed, I'd lose a big piece of family history. (My kids never do snapshots--it's all digital.)

  5. I try to download at least once a week.. computer off to the side while im watching tv or reading. I print in bulk when the snapfish or shutterfly offer 1 cent prints.. I have yet to organize them after printing but at least they are there for now. Like it was mentioned above, computers crash and I dont want my memories crashing with it! :)

  6. I do occasionally print some of my pictures but I have them backed up twice. I am getting ready to update the family pictures on my hall wall and I have a bedroom that I am going to decorate with nature shots, so I would really like to see your wall.
    By the way, I bet your daughter's wedding was absolutely stunning!!

  7. I'm really bad at printing off our photos we take. They just stay on our computer.

  8. All of my pre digital pics need to be scanned and sent to my external hard drive. I upload all of my pics to my external hard drive, but I print very few these days. I wish I were a scrapbooker!

  9. my pictures are so unorganized it's not even funny. I transfer them from my camera on to an external hard drive and they just sit in the folder with that days date on it. I occasionally print them out but mostly they just sit on my compter

    Sorry your chair didn't win but the one that did was my second choice

  10. I browse through them on my computer every so often, but usually just when I'm looking for something specific!

    We make DVD slideshows whenever a new baby is born to one of our siblings. When you put those pictures to great songs, it's amazing how much emotion shines through.

  11. I sort them into folders on my computer, then every couple of years I order a ton of prints on Shutterfly, and throw them into shoeboxes. Why? I have no idea...


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