Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving On....

It's a bittersweet time here at my house. My 25 year old daughter Elyse and her husband Mike packed up their U-Haul and headed to Delaware. That is so far from Indiana. I've been hijacking her Facebook posts with sad faces for the past 24 hours.

They stayed here with us the last couple nights while they were packing up their apartment. It's such a sad moment for a mom to watch her baby get into her car for a 12 hour drive away from home, or her now former home.

There is a silver lining to my very dark cloud though. The reason they have chosen Delaware to make their new home is because she received a full schoarlship to grad school at the University of Delaware. How can you say no to a full scholarship? She's so smart and beautiful and I will miss her :(


  1. That is great news for her Sher!

    Now, look on the bright side. Delaware borders the east coast....meaning....BEACH!!!

    Rehobeth and Bethany Beach are wonderful!
    Visit your daughter, and visit the beach. If you drive all the way to Delaware, what's a few more miles to get to the coast?!

    Big hugs sweetie, it's gonna be okay.

  2. Awww! Well they say if a child has the confidence and strength to uproot and move on...that the parents did everything they were supposed to do! Congratulations to your daughter and to you for being a fabulous parent!

  3. Hi Sher,
    Congratulations to your daughter, and a big hug for being such a great Mom. I agree with Jenna, you obviously did everything a fabulous parent is supposed to do!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter!! That is wonderful! Also, my third child, decided that she wanted to go to the University of Hawaii for her third year of college. It ended up being the third and fourth. She had a wonderful time, made lots of friends and now has come home and settled back in Texas. She lived very frugally and had a job and so she actually came home with a little money, instead of asking us for money. So it all worked out just fine, even though at the time I definitely was not happy about the situation.

  5. Congrats to her on the full scholarship!! It will be bittersweet.

  6. sad to see them leave but congrats to her on her full scholarship and best of luck to her in her new home

  7. It's so hard letting go...But congrats to her and her full scholarship. She will go on to do great things! You're always just a phone call away (or email, skype, etc). I know a time like this will be coming my way soon, so I'm cherishing every moment till then.

  8. Full scholarship - Fantastic! I live a little over an hour from U of DE - it's a lovely area and she and her husband will enjoy the area. If they like to day trip - it's close to beaches, country, and cities - Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore.
    Skype, text, email and cell phones help make the miles seem less. Hope you are able to visit them soon!

  9. Ahhh, what a proud mama you are. It's bitter sweet when they leave home.Sometimes change is soooo hard. I hear it's a good place to vacation and thank god for computers and phones!
    Here's a BIG hug,
    Judy K.

  10. Sniff, two of mine live in MA now. I feel your bitter-sweet emotions.

  11. Wow, full scholarship! I know you're sad and so proud at the same time. :)

  12. Good luck to them both and may they have a great life there!


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