Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Real "Dream" House

Did you ever have one of those dreams that you tried to go back to sleep so you could continue your dream to see how it turned out? Well I had one of those a couple of nights ago. I never could go back to sleep so I decided to create my own ending and it was so cool!

I dreamt that Brian and I decided to retire early so we bought this house in the beach community near where we live now. It was such a charming house on the outside with flowers and gardens. Looked so cute and cozy. When we went inside it was like, WOW! The place was huge! As I stood in the kitchen which was stocked with the coolest bake ware and serving ware, I looked through the big arched doorway and could see the dining room. It wasn't your average dining room at all. It had six big rectangular tables which each had six chairs. Nothing was crammed together, it was big and roomy!

To the right were windows and hutches. These hutches were filled with expensive antiques that we could sell for way more than the $50,000 we paid for the house. Like I said, it was a dream. These days you might get a big storage shed for that amount.

Straight across from where I was standing was this beautiful entry way with a Christmas Tree beautifully decorated. Why the Christmas tree in late summer? No clue!

Then to the left were lots of closed doors. I opened each one to find the cutest bedrooms, lots of them! They all had little desks and dressers and each one was decorated differently. Then I woke up! Darn! I wanted to see if there were more treasures, or what I ended up doing with the place.

Sher's "awake" finish to the dream:

If I did indeed find a treasure such as that I would have all the family parties and no one would have to drive home. But it doesn't end there. First I thought a bed and breakfast would be cool but I wanted to take it one creative step further...

I opened a Women's Creative Getaway Cottage! Yep! Women from all over the world could hold their creative conventions there. Clubs and groups could spend weekends, weeks, or just a day of crafting, photographing, scrap booking, cooking, praying, or whatever they do together. I'd also book baby showers and small wedding receptions.

So how would you write the ending to my dream? What would you do if you found a super cool house like that

Photo Above: Nothing exciting, just the cornfields behind my house. I see lots of them on my drive to work.


  1. I would fill a roomy house with my kids, their spouses, and my grandkids so we could all be the beach!

  2. Why didn't you take your camera along in your dream? You could have gotten some amazing pics! I'm thinking bed and breakfast, but I like your creative getaway idea too!

  3. What a great dream and blog post. I would use such a wonderful place for any child that needs a loving home to stay. Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing about neglected, abused, or abandoned children.

  4. What a fun post. Isn't that how accomplishments begin, with a dream?

  5. I often dream about houses. Usually in my dream, my husband and I are in the process of buying the house. I've dreamed about all kinds of houses, many of which are bigger on the inside that the outside (like the Tardis!). Often they are located in odd places, like on the very edge of a cliff in the Columbia River Gorge, or on a fantastical version of Mount Hood.

  6. Nice dream! Your dream house sounds wonderful.

  7. Oh my goodness I would love a creative getaway! My sis in laws and I just did one that we made ourselves. We just rented a condo in the mountains and crafted our hearts away. It was amazing. LOVE you idea!

  8. Hard to top your ending! When I enter the HGTV / DIY Dream Home and Blog Cabin giveaways, I've fantasized about opening a bed and breakfast, but reserving time and space for family visits. One of my old high school classmates has a bed and breakfast in Seward, Alaska.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  9. Hi Sher,

    I have dreampt about a dream house from time to time. My worst dreams are the ones I want to finish so badly and cannot because I have woken up.

    Ow, thanks by the way, I meant to write you...your dog is adorable and now I know he is a yorkie. I can never tell the difference between the silkie and yorkie breeds either. : )


  10. I sleep in way too much, and it is usually because I don't want my dreams to end. Dream house dreams are one of my favorites, especially since I learned to lucid dream. I get to walk around exploring everything, and if I don't like something, I just change it! It's so satisfying when you don't wake up wondering, "Why didn't I do that" or "wish I could've changed that."

    But I think the best part about dreams is that there are no restrictions, it doesn't have to make sense. Houses are somehow 10x bigger on the inside, furniture is upside down, you can fly, etc. It's really freeing, and great for boosting creativity. :)


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