Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are You Tired of Mushrooms Yet?

I didn't plan on another mushroom post but here it is. We were clearing the branches from our yard today from the awful windstorms we had yesterday and apparently all that rain brought something else, mushrooms. Back behind the trees that line our property were HUNDREDS of them. Yep, the white ones in the picture below. I haven't seen that many mushrooms in the same place before. I tried to take a picture of the entire area but the bright sun was washing our my mushrooms.

In the picture above are a group of them I found in the center of the yard. I like to get the underside of them because I think that is a cool shot.

There is one more picture that I haven't shown you yet. I've been watching the tree in our front yard because last year it had three great big mushrooms on the side. I was hoping to get the chance to see them again but this time I want to photograph them everyday to see how they evolve and how fast. Right now they are only about 1/2" in size. They don't look anything like the ones that were there last year though. Maybe they will grow into them?


  1. Hi Sher, Yep, I'm right with you on the mushroom thing...I hate the damn things and they are popping up all over my lawn, not as bad as what you have but still, no fun.

    The worst part about them is that one of my dogs is really drawn to them and I'm constantly afriad he is going to try to eat one so, I have to be very watchful when I have him out there on the leash.


  2. I am not tired of your mushroom posts. After I read your last one I thoought " I think I have an embroidery design with mushrooms." Sure enough, I found it and just put it on a kitchen towel I will be posting today or tomorrow. (whenever I get the dreaded photos taken) Maybe I should put that it was inspired by your blog LOL

  3. How fun! I don't think I have anything this cool in my yard...might have to venture out and see :)

  4. Wow, look at all those mushrooms. I didn't even leave the house this weekend. It's been cold and rainy both days. I've spent a lot of time sitting under a
    Love your black cat collection in your last post. That tote bag is really cool

  5. I love looking at the underside of mushrooms. I love the first photo.

  6. We get sporadic fairy rings, but I don't think it's anywhere near as many as this. I took pics of a weird little yellowish mushroom that popped up in my orchid pot.

  7. Aren't they just gorgeous! I have finally decided that it doesn't even matter if you know them or not. The most important is to enjoy them and manage to document them beautifully in a photo!

  8. No, I'm not! There aren't as many as last year. We had so many! I especially like the red ones with the white dots. We have a Dutch childrens' song about them :-)


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