Thursday, October 13, 2011

Five Things I've Learned About Electronics

Below are some things I've learned along the way about electronics, or I should say, the use of them. These 5 things have made my life much easier and have at times, saved my butt!

1. Control S: This is probably one of my favorite tips ever. Before I started doing this, I lost so many things. There is nothing like working for hours on a a document or project only to have something or someone interrupt it and it wipes out all your hard work! Sometimes your computer will lock up for no reason at all or your laptop battery dies. It can all be avoided by typing "Control + s" (at the same time) every few minutes.

2. Backup Everything: In our house we probably have half a dozen external hard drives and countless flash drives. Those are all nice and handy to have and we use them both for various reasons. But the best thing to do is use an online automatic back up. I use Mozy and it's so convenient. It automatically backs up once a day. If I've been doing a lot of work on the computer I can just click it on my task bar and back up at that time too. It feels so good to know that my files are protected away from my home.

3. Carry A Spare Battery: Whenever I purchase a cellphone or a camera, I always buy a backup battery and I carry it in my purse. When my battery dies, I charge it, then swap it out with the one that's in my purse. This makes my battery last longer and I never have to worry about running out of juice. This has saved me when using my cellphone and my camera.

4. Save Ink & Paper: This is the easiest thing of all to do. I always keep the default on my printer set to "fast draft." This setting allows you to print while using the least amount of ink possible. Most of the things that I print are recipes, pattern pieces, and other items that just find their way to the trash anyway. When I print out something I want to keep, I just change it.

You can also save paper by putting it back in the printer and using the other side before throwing it away.

5. Calendar: This actually goes against technology but when it comes to my datebook, I prefer my Lang Pocket Planner. I think it's so much quicker to pull that out of my purse when I need to record an event or check my schedule. Nothing beats my paper datebook. As for my "to do" list, I like to keep that on my E-Reader/Pocket PC.

Those are just a few of my favorite tips when it comes to technology. Do you have any you'd like to add to my list?

Photo Above: Patches and Pumpkin seem to be having some sort of discussion at my computer


  1. Great Tips! Didn't knew about the control s.. good to know.

    New Follower here, love the cats!!

  2. These are all great tips. I really should look into doing online back-ups. I dread the day my computer won't start up... :(

  3. Thank you for sharing all of these great tips Sher!! I had no idea about the control s! Back-ups sure are important... My computer crashed not too long ago and I was so thankful my hubby had gotten me an external hard drive for my birthday a few months earlier!! I would have lost everything. I told him that besides our children, that was the best gift he ever gave me! LOL!

  4. Hehe...Patches and Pumpkin look like they are making plans on taking over the world...or at least the house :p I think the spare battery thing is key to keeping your sanity and Ctrl+S :)

  5. My favorite tip when using electronics? "...take a deep breath, don't panic, keep the hysterics to a minimum. Remember, there are REAL problems in this world." I think I'm going to embroider this on a pillow to keep nearby!

  6. You're reminding me that I seriously need to back up all my files. I've been neglecting that lately.

    Have a good weekend! xo, Mary

  7. All great tips!

    I too, use a hard copy calendar. Just a necessity for me! LOL

    I also print small (12 to a page) pictures of my digitals just in case... The lids of this age will have no printed pictures to reflect on when they are older. Most people only email their kids photos. Mine is set to print the file name under the photo and then they can pull the cd and print a larger version if they want it.

    Have a great day and be sure and check out my Friday Fun post


  8. My husband and I were just talking last night about online back-up services. Good to hear the perspective of someone who uses it. Right now, I have a sleek gorgeous blue FreeAgent external hard drive that I love, but online sounds intriguing.

  9. Great tips! I especially like the spare battery idea. (I do my to lists and calendar items on paper, too.)

  10. P.S. Love your Halloween themed banner -- so cute with your new black cat :-)

  11. Ctrl + z = undo
    ctrl + + = zoom in
    ctrl + - = zoom out
    Alt + Shift + > = increase font size
    Alt + Shift + < = decrease font size
    Alt + Num 3 = ♥

    Those are the shortcuts I probably use most often. :-)

  12. Great list! I really like the idea of a backup that's stored away from your home. I talked about Flickr in my most recent blog post and that provides PHOTO backup away from home. So I'm totally with you on that one. Now I just need to actually do the backup.

    I too print on the back of used printer paper. Then after that I use it to protect my craft table. Then it gets recycled!

  13. Here's my tip: For those who use a tablet, also carry a slate and a piece of chalk. It never runs out of battery.

    José :-)

  14. I have an external hard drive that I use to store all my stuff, would never go without one. I keep meaning to buy a spare battery for my camera and never get around to doing it

  15. You forgot one: Kitty should never be allowed to hang out on the laptop....

  16. Great tips Sher! I must get a spare camera battery!

  17. All very, very useful tips! I follow them all myself. And you are so right about Ctr+S - priceless! The problem I'm having is writing in blogger, where sometime things really get lost in the most absurd of ways.


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