Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Awesome Gift & Fond Memory

It has been my personal experience that people who create and work with their hands are among the nicest people you will ever meet. I joined the world of blogging a couple years ago (had a blog before this one too) and the same goes for bloggers. I was doing my usual visits a couple weeks ago when I came across the knife earrings above. I commented about how much I admired them and how cute they were and the next thing I know I get an email asking me for my address so she could send them to me. Today I went to my mailbox and there they were! They came all the way from Indonesia. I've never gotten anything from Indonesia before! She even slipped a little necklace in there with two angel charms on it. Did she know that I have two of the greatest kids in the world and I think of them as angels? How perfect, and how sweet!

Now of course my little story. I had this really cool spreader that I loved for spreading butter, peanut butter, jams, etc. It was wider and shorter than a butter knife but had a serrated edge on one side. Somehow during my Thanksgiving cooking I lost it. I was crushed! I loved that thing! My thought is that it probably got thrown away by accident. Anyway, a few weeks later I was opening my Christmas presents and I got to my stocking. Yes, I'm 50 years old and my husband stuffed my stocking. I opened up a little gift that was wrapped in tissue and there were two of those little spreaders. I was so excited! He knew how handy I thought that was and made a trip to the Lighthouse Outlet Mall and replaced them. I just thought that was so thoughtful and sweet of him. He is such a good Christmas shopper!

They are such a special gift, and thank you Dita for such an awesome gift and bringing back that special memory!

She has a really cute blog that you can visit here and if you want to see her other super cute creations you can stop by her Etsy Shop here.


  1. What a sweet story about your husband's thoughtful gift. Stockings are the favorite part of Christmas in our family.

  2. Such a sweet, caring thing to do! Some people are just naturally generous and she must be one. And I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets attached to a kitchen utensil : )
    Yay for your husband's thoughtfulness too!

  3. Your husband is definitely a keeper

  4. Such nice stories! The knife earrings are so unusual.

  5. That was such a lovely thing for her to do!! Also, I would make sure to keep your husband. He sound like he is as great as mine!!

    Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

  6. How sweet of her to send you those. The earrings are very unique.
    Very thoughtful of your husband also. Gotta love a guy who knows how to buy a present. Oh and by the way, I still have a stocking at Christmas too, around here, it's a must that everyone have one :)


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