Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak Peek

It's been quite a weekend! Yesterday we went to Mom's for her birthday, then ran some errands. While I was there I started getting a sore throat. Oh no! I refuse to get sick! Everyone around me has been sick but I'm going to fight this all the way!

I got extra sleep last night and still woke up with the sore throat but nothing more has developed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can fight this.

I didn't do too much of anything today because I really wanted to rest up before my work week. But I did finish my table runner. I'm so excited because it looks so pretty on the table! I have to edit all the pictures and write up the instructions, and it looks like you'll be seeing a tutorial here on my blog before the week's end. My next project will be a couple of black cat pin cushions for my sewing room.

Here are some updates on my craft and sewing room:
1. We ordered the kit to make the Murphy bed. This is the second step to making my craft room a reality. The first step was drawing up the instructions.

2. I bought some soft and comfy fleece to make Punkie a topper for her little bed. I put it on the big bed so she could get used to it and get her smell all over it.

Non-room related:
My Jade plant is still alive!

Off to visit my blogging friends. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Images in the scrapbook page above are from my Sewing Room Graphic/Clipart Set that is available at Etsy.


  1. My fingers are crossed for you too! The bug has been going around here, and I'm fighting to not catch it.

    Can't wait to see your table runner, and Punkie's bed topper!

    Super excited for your crafty space! A murphy bed is so cool!

  2. Salt water! Works wonders for a sore throat. 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon salt dissolved in an 8-ounce glass of warm water, gargle two to three times a day.

  3. I look forward to seeing your table runner. I hope that you don't get sick! It sounds like your craft room is coming along nicely.

  4. Hope you feel better today! And do what Angela advises - it works!
    You must be so excited about your new craft room!

    p.s. I'm currently giving away a fat quarter bundle and bag pattern on my blog. Do join in the fun!

  5. Hope you're feeling better today. I'm eager to see the bed topper!

  6. Don't get sick! Wow, I am really looking forward to your new room. And tell me how the bed turns out and how easy/difficult it was to set up.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  7. Noooo! No sickness! Get some rest amidst all the work :)

  8. Stay well!! Lots of Vitamins B complex and C!

  9. Oh no, I hope you feel better. I started feeling like I was getting a cold at work today, I hope not :(

  10. Feel better soon! I'm sure Punkie will enjoy the new bedding. Who can turn down sleeping on fleece?

  11. Hope you're feeling better Sher! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your table runner, sounds beautiful. And sounds like your plans for your new craft room are coming along nicely. :) Yay about the Jade plant! Keep up the green thumb.

  12. Hope you are feeling your old self again:) Can't wait to see the final table runner. Jade plants are so resilient, I know yours will do beautifully:)

  13. I hope you are better! I take ginger tea.

  14. Popping in to say Hi!
    (found u through the blog team)


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