Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

This past weekend was so exciting! My son's girlfriend and I flew out to Delaware to attend my daughter's graduation ceremony (with her Masters) at The University of Delaware. We arrived Thursday afternoon, and flew home on Monday.

I didn't realize that I would love the picture above so much! I think of it as representing her leaving her school behind, and walking toward a bright new future with confidence!

Saturday we spent the day in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was an interesting drive. I still can't figure out how anyone can live without modern convenience! Look at those pretty, blue skies!

On our way back from Lancaster, we stopped at this adorable winery. We did a little wine tasting, then sat outside and enjoyed a glass of wine. I even bought the cutest souvenir wineglass! I think I'd like to visit wineries more often. They are such a fun way to spend a little time. We have so many around here just across the border in Michigan, I think I'll visit a few in the near future!

Sunday we drove out to Atlantic City. It was another beautiful and sunny day. At the very end of the trip, I slipped a $20 into a slot machine, first couple spins, I hit the bonus, and I actually came out $6.90 ahead! I was excited because it's the first time I DIDN'T LOSE! I cashed out just so I could say I won something in Atlantic City. I'm a rebel, I know!

The view as we were heading down to the beach. So pretty, isn't it? This place is way bigger than I ever thought it was! The boardwalk seemed to go on forever. We only covered part of it.

I took these pictures under one of the piers. It wasn't until I got a bunch of cool shots that I saw the big, red signs that said "DANGER." They are cool pictures but they needed some adjustments in my photo program.

Do you not love this fountain?! I could have watched it for hours. It was in a little mall on the boardwalk. Got some cool video of it too.

It was a fun weekend with my beautiful daughter! I know, on the RARE occasions that I allow a picture of myself, I never smile in them. I bought us these funky matching sunglasses too.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! Love your matching shades.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! Congrats on your daughter graduating. I like the picture of the beach very much.

  3. Congrats to your daughter, truly gorgeous that picture of hers. Nice trip report too, so good to know you had a good time!

  4. It looks like such a fun trip! You got to visit so many different places. Congrats to your daughter! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And your photos are great...thanks for sharing :)

  6. Sher, What a wonderful time you had!!! Big congrats to your daughter. =0) And congrats on your gambling win (I always lose).
    All your photos are great, and I DO love that fountain. Plus, that's a beautiful photo at the end. Glad you posted it to share.

  7. You two look great in your spiffy sunglasses!
    What fun photos! You had quite an adventurous time.
    Your boardwalk photos made me feel nostalgic. I grew up going to Ocean City, Maryland a lot.
    Congratulations to your daughter!


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