Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Tree Frog Is Back!

My little friend has returned! I saw something on my living room window and there he was, my little tree frog! I wondered if this was the same frog that's been sticking itself to my window and swimming with me in the pool for the past couple years. I did a little research and I have come to the conclusion that this could indeed be my very own tree frog!

In my research I learned that he's been living in my yard all winter long. He either lived under the soil, or in one of my potted plants. They don't freeze to death because during this hibernation period, their body has what's like a natural anti-freeze that protects them. 

I tried to see how long they lived and I got so many different answers. Some sites said they lived four to seven years, while another said up to twenty. So I didn't find out that answer but I learned enough to make me believe this is my tree frog!

So what should I name him?

Wishing well is from my "Spring Fever" clipart set that is available at my etsy shop: 


  1. Cute little guy.
    Names....hmmm.....Kermit? Frogger?

  2. Maybe you could put a dot of paint on his back to see if he shows up every year -- if that would be froggy acceptable!
    How about Ribbet, or Lily Pad if you want it to be a girl...

  3. How fascinating! It's neat to see him again.

  4. Interesting research about the natural anti-freeze! I wonder what their lifespan is still. I like Sarah's name suggestion of Ribbet. That's a fun one!

  5. Awww, how cute is that?! Glad he's back.

  6. I like Sarah's suggestion...just a dot to see. he's cute, but I'm not sure I would want him swimming with me. lol


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