Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crab Apple Tree Outside My Window

My absolute favorite thing about Spring is when the subtle breezes bring the beautiful scents into the house. This crab apple tree sits just outside my craft room and my living room windows. We had the windows open a couple days ago and this tree, along with my neighbor's lilac bush, scented those rooms so beautifully.

Another fun thing about my crab apple tree is that the deer love the apples. I also get to watch the deer all over my yard in the fall, while they are enjoying the crab apples!


  1. Just beautiful! How neat to get to watch the deer right in your yard in the fall.

  2. Lovely flowers, so elegant! And it is amazing that deer come to feast on your apples... I would love to see them )

  3. Beautiful!! And I love the scent!

  4. I love the smell of spring and summer! How exciting to see wild deer, I've only seen them at the zoo.

  5. Beautiful! How awesome to see the deer come so close like that!


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