Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! Mine was fabulous. My son, his girlfriend, and my parents came over for a luncheon. We had chicken salad on a bed of lettuce, fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, and yummy rolls. Healthy and delicious!

My son, who has had the pleasure of meeting Howard (our clinic owl, who has since passed), knows I love owls so they got me one of those real looking owls whose head moves to scare away various birds. I hope it will keep away that pesky woodpecker who keeps pecking at the side of our house.

My daughter lives in Delaware so she wasn't able to join us. I would be sadder about that but we spoke on the phone today and we discussed our getting together NEXT WEEK! I'm so excited!!! My son's girlfriend and I will be flying out for her graduation. We have so many fun things planned. I just wish my husband could go, but he can't :(

As usual, my mother spoiled me this Mother's Day. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Anyway, along with a few other things, she gave me a little bag with the grandma themed bibs, and a Grandma book. I think she is preparing me for my first grand baby that will be here in October. Next Mother's Day will be even more fun because the baby will be here!


  1. How exciting that there is a baby on the way in your family! I love the owl your son gave you.

  2. Yummy, watermelon! Nice to hear you had a good mother's day.

  3. So glad you had a happy Mother's Day. And what fun to visit your daughter!
    Love the grandma goodie bag you received from your mom. You will LOVE being a grandma.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day! If my mother-in-law is any indication, you'll just love being a grandma. She coos over my nephew all day long. :-)

  5. What a great gift from you mother! Your Mother's Day celebrations sound lovely.
    The owl is wonderful! How thoughtful of your son. I hope it does scare away the woodpecker.


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