Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Baby Lamb is 2 Weeks Old Now

A few posts earlier I told you that one of our sheep gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, one of them didn't make it. When I got to work the following Monday, I saw him in the treatment room, on heat, I knew it didn't look good. He passed away later that day.

The other lamb is doing great! She follows that poor mom around every single minute. I'll bet she was wishing she could just get a babysitter for a little while so she could have some grown-up time! It is awful cute though.

It's not too easy to get a good photo because she's usually under mom, or pressed up so close to her, you can barely make out what it is. I did manage to get these yesterday. 

It's going to be so fun watching her grow up!


  1. Oh she's so cute! That's sad about the other lamb, but I'm glad this one is doing so well.

  2. Lambs are amazingly cute )) I think Herriot wrote that lambs are given an unfairly big portion of charm when they are born, thus depriving some other animals.I am glad this one is doing fine.

    The mother sheep is beautiful: what breed is that? She has such thick and rich fleece.

    1. I'm not really sure what kind of sheep they are. All I know is two sheep appeared at our clinic last year. I never even asked where they came from. We have so many animals and reptiles, I can't keep track anymore.

  3. She looks adorable, is she jumping in the second picture?

  4. Oh my, too adorable! It's too bad that one didn't make it, but the other one is so cute. I'm glad that she's doing well.

  5. Very sweet! Sad about the other little one.

  6. too sad that one didn't make it but his one sure is cute

  7. Aaaw...So sad that one of the twins didn't make it. =( At least the surviving twin is doing well. These are great shots!
    visiting from Blogging Buddies today


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