Saturday, October 25, 2014

Need Assistance? Stop By Youtube!

What did we do before the Internet? Actually, how did we ever get along without Youtube? It doesn't matter if you are trying to replace a washer in your faucet or make a tote bag, pop over to Youtube and you can have a real human being showing you how to do it. Even I have a Youtube channel and right now I have instructional videos for embroidery stitches.

My husband fixed the lights behind the dashboard in his truck today by following along with a Youtube video.


  1. Isn't it amazing that about everything is findable on youtube!?

  2. Youtube is awesome! I love it for jewelry tutorials. Jim loves it for watching funny and music videos.We recently referred to it for video instructions on using our sushi making tool!

  3. I as just talking to my husband about this! We're almost 30, so we've lived most of our lives with the web, but we do remember a time without it. It's strange to think about how much things have changed!

    We Youtubed some videos when we put in the new toilet, haha.


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