Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vacation - Austin, Texas

Good morning friends! I know that I've been absent for a while but for good reason. This past week Brian and I drove out to Austin, Texas to visit my daughter Elyse. We like to keep our trips secret to the Internet until after we return. I just have an uneasy feeling announcing to the entire world that we will be out of town for a week, or should I just say, "Our house will be vacant!" My house is under surveillance (so I can keep an eye on Punkie), I have an awesome friend who comes over everyday to check on her, plus we have great neighbors. But still, I feel uneasy about announcing our absence to the world.

It was fun to see where the kids live, eat at their favorite restaurants, and hike their favorite trails. We even went to a movie theater where they serve you dinner during the movie. You could even have beer or wine if you wanted. And speaking of wine, we stopped by one of the many wineries and did some wine tasting. We also went to Oktober Fest, did some hiking, bummed around the city, and so many other fun things. I can see why they love the area so much!

So, I'm a bit late with my Project 365, but I'll get that up soon. I also have to catch up and visit all my blogging buddies. So if I haven't stopped by yet, I'll be doing that today.


  1. Gorgeous blue sky and nice skyline. People seem to really like Austin. I've never been to Texas -- maybe someday.

  2. Great capture! I agree about anouncing travels on the internet. Very often I see people posting pictures from the airport. Might be considered as an invitation to some people... Looking forward to seeing more of your travel photo's!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time! My friend and I spent a couple of hours there. We barely saw anything but had a blast driving from San Antonio back to my friend's aunt's house in Bryan. TX was my first Krispy Kreme experience! We have a couple of those movie theaters in MA where they have food and alcohol. Fun for adults!

    I wouldn't publicize vacation on the internet either. It surprises me that people still do! Welcome back. :)

  4. Welcome back, glad you had a good time. I don't blame you for waiting till you get back to post about it. I always thought it was like putting up a big welcome sign to burglars to announce on the internet that you'll be gone.

  5. Great view! Glad you had a fun time. Dinner and a move sounds great!

  6. What a fun trip! We have a movie theater like that around here and I'm actually going there tonight! The best part is, they don't let any kids in after 7pm so it's not as chaotic as a normal theater. :-)

    I've only been in Texas airports, never seen the real thing. Austin would be my pick, though! I hear the arts scene is incredible.

  7. So agree to the announcement about trips! I see many even put on the FB that they traveling now, so not going to be around:) silly! But the picture about Austin is gorgeous! I'm happy your had a lovely time with kids! I was in Dallas last football season for game .... it was crazy hot there!


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