Monday, October 27, 2014

Inspiration Shopping on Weekends

Weekends are my flexile days. Some days I'll do projects or work around the house, some days I'll work in the studio, some days I'll go out and about, while other days, I might just slip on my comfies and be a giant slug, all day long!

On these days that I refer to myself as a slug, there is always some Pinterest time involved. I love Pinterest, but don't we all? It's like a big, virtual magazine full recipes, craft projects, photography, decorating ideas, and just plain cool stuff to look at. Back before Pinterest, or even the Internet, I got most of my holiday inspiration from magazines and window shopping. I really miss those days. Yesterday I decided that I wasn't going to sit on my butt and get inspiration, but instead, I was going to hop in my car and drive out to all the fun shops and see it all in person. And that was cool because I also got to take in the scents, touch the items, and talk to real people! And I came home with four large shopping bags of things to decorate the house. 

Brian would have gone with me but watching the Bears won over shopping. I don't get it, but that's OK, I had a really good time, and found some really cute holiday decorating ideas. See those Santa wine glasses, yep, I'm going to make some! And they aren't going to cost me $12 each!


  1. The goblets are so cute! I wonder how do make them so the paint won't peel off? I guess there is glass paint.

    1. Michelle, you buy Enamel paint. It's sold in the two ounce bottles and it's always in the same racks as the acrylic paints. After you paint the glass, you wait two days, then bake it and that seals the paint on so that you can then wash the glasses.

  2. sounds like you had a fun day. I have a bit of a Pinterest addiction but haven't had much time for it since we got Gibbs. I'm lucky to find any time for the computer at all

  3. Pinterest can be addicting...I must admit, I hadn't been on there for quite awhile until this past week. I got on there again, and I've been there every day since, at least a few minutes here and there - just pinning my heart out!

    I saw this photo first from your instagram. I haven't been in the blogosphere too much lately, with lots going on, but I always manage to snag a minute or two for instagram and twitter. =0)

  4. Those glasses are cute! I can not believe Christmas is here in less then two months.

  5. A day of shopping is good therapy :)
    Love the wine glasses! Can't wait to see yours.

  6. Ah, the real alway going to reveal itself better than butt-sitting!

  7. Those glasses are great inspiration! They look easy enough that even I could paint them. :) Pinterest is my go to for inspiration in the kitchen.


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