Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Giant Head

My husband and I often take trips up to Michigan. We have family up there and we like to hike the trails in many of the parks. We also like to go to St. Joe on Sundays. We stop at Panera Bread for their incredibly awesome breakfast sandwiches. YUM! After that we head to the downtown area and walk along the beach, to the lighthouse, and the beautiful streets.

Anyway (I'm getting off subject here) we were driving home from his family's cottage which is on Lake Huron and we passed a giant head in the middle of a grassy field. What the heck? We stopped the car immediately because you can't pass a giant head in the middle of nowhere and NOT get out your camera! This thing was at least twice my height. I have no idea why it was there but it was.

So...have you ever taken a trip and seen something that was so odd that you had to stop and take a pic?


  1. I would've made my hubby stop so I could get a picture of that, too!

    I was on a cross-country road trip with a friend a few years ago and we took pictures of all the oddities you see in the towns along the way... "the world's biggest ___", "the best ___ east of the Mississippi", etc. Each town has their own superlatives!

  2. Sher, love the giant head. Nope, so far anyway, I've never seen anything like that , that has made me jump out of the car with the camera.


  3. That's awesome! I love when you come across surprises like that:) Wonder if it was part of some public art campaign?

  4. That is just excellent... I love stuff like that, just makes a day so much more interesting.

  5. I love taking roadtrips and stopping at little places for treats - and Panera is one of my favourite places! what an awesome huge head! :)

  6. Oh I would have had to stop too. Now I'm curious about why it's there

  7. Fun! Oh . . . I LOVE Panera! Their soup is soo good.

  8. So funny. Did you ever find out why it was there?

  9. haha, that's awesome! i love roadside attractions. one time while driving from nj to tn, my hubby and i passed "foamhenge" somewhere in virginia. it is exactly what it sounds like - a replica of stonehenge made of foam. so awesome! sadly, our camera was stolen, so i don't have the pics to prove it existed.



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