Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Pan Digital Novel

Time to post another favorite and this time I chose my Pan Digital Novel. Man do I love this thing! It has WiFi so I can access the Internet with a pretty nice browser anywhere I can get a connection. It's nice for in the house because if I'm reading and I get an email or want to look up a word or information, I can just hop on-line. It's great for when I'm on the elliptical because I can adjust my text nice and big and I can actually read a book without putting on my reading glasses. You can also download some pretty cool apps from Android. They have an app for everything from notepads to party planning apps!

My favorite three things about this reader are:

1. The ability to download and read e-books which are organized the way I like them. Duh! Isn't that what you buy an e-reader for?

2. The ability to read and edit word documents. This is so cool because I keep my favorite recipes in word documents so that I can access them on this, make the text nice and big, and read the recipe straight from this on my counter top. No more printing them out and wasting paper.

3. My photos and favorite scrap pages! I can organize them (on my SD card) into folders and they can be with me anywhere I go. Right now I have about 1200 images and since I can organize them I can find what I'm looking for quickly. They are viewed on a decent sized screen which makes them nice when I want to see them or show them off.

This particular reader has a 7 inch screen which is nice for viewing reading material and photos (video too) and fits nicely in my purse on those occasions I want to take it with me. I store all my personal stuff on an SD card (which is backed up on my computer) so if this thing ever broke, my stuff is still nice and safe.

Do you have an e-reader that you just love?


  1. NO e-reader here.
    But thinking about one :-)


  2. How cool!
    I have a kindle app on my ipad which I absolutely love. I was unsure about it at first because I love buying and holding and collecting books, but I quickly got over that! haha

  3. I don't have one of those, but I'd love one! I know my daughter wants one REALLY bad too...

  4. Hi Sher, no I don't have one but I'm going to look into it now. You make it sound just wonderful. I'm always a little behind on tech. things.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Wasn't that an awesome little tid bit. If I'm ever at O'Hare airport I will for sure go find it!

  5. Great review! I have been unsure as to how much I would use such a thing, but it sounds pretty convenient!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think that idea with the pennies is awesome, not for the obsessive perfectionist though. Imagine lining up all those pennies perfectly. And would they by heads or tails? LOL! ;) Diane

  6. I borrow my daughter's! I bought it, so borrowing isn't a problem :)

    Hers is just an e-reader though, nothing fancy like yours. I may have to look at those, although right now I'm fascinated by her Ipad2.

  7. I don't have one, but several of my friends have Ipads, which they just love. I keep just behind the technology curve because it is a lot more affordable that way :)

  8. I don't have one but one of the girls I work with does and she brings it to work with her every day and reads on her breaks. I've really been thinking about getting one.

  9. I don't have an e-reader yet so it's nice to see a review beforehand. It sounds a bit techy to me, but then again, I'm reading your blog and commenting from my new iPhone4 LOL! Hmm a bigger screen would be nice...


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