Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project 365 - Week 39

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. Kind of like a photographic journal of my entire year!

Day 260 - This cute little chef is actually a cheese grater. He was a gift from my mom and he sits on my counter top.

Day 261 - This is the first sign of fall.

Day 262 - I confess, my guilty pleasure. I like to watch Sex and the City marathons.

Day 263 - Having some wine with some friends while we chatted over the Internet. We could have gotten together but this sure does beat drinking and driving!

Day 264 - There is that ever so helpful assistant of mine again.

Day 265 - Oh yes, it's the light of my life! Baby Paige!!! Nana loves to babysit her little angel.

Day 266 - All of a sudden our yard has become a breeding ground for all kinds of mushrooms! I've never seen any of them here before.

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  1. Wow, that's one cool mushroom!
    And I love your idea of chatting over the internet so no one has to drink and drive :) I love technology!

  2. oh my that mushroom is so unique. I thought at first it was something you made. I've never seen anything like that before

  3. I love SATC marathons too! With colder and more rainy months on their way. I'm sure I will be having those soon too :-)

  4. Strange mushroom but very cool! I watched Sex and the City years after it originally aired on the Style network. I loved the Sunday marathons! It will always be relevant. The cheese grater is super fun. Great idea chatting online with friends and wine! That can be just as fun as meeting up in person since you can all get tipsy.

  5. That red leaf is just gorgeous! Here also autumn has arrived, with chilly air, foliage, and all!

  6. Mushrooms are so neat and amazing.


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