Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Favorite - The Gorillapod

It's time for another one of my favorites!

One of the items that I would hate to be without is my gorillapod. You can find them for well under $20 at Amazon. They have tons of stores there that sell them. It's small enough to stick in your pocket or purse and is super light weight.

This thing is awesome! My husband and I love to go hiking. When we take trips we always look for nearby trails and parks. We always take this little thing with us. We've gotten some great pictures of the two of us with awesome backgrounds by wrapping it around a tree limp or bench and attaching it to our camera...

Most cameras today have a movie mode and you can set the tripod up at a party and not have to stand there and hold it which also causes a shaky playback. Can also be a great help when you want to get a group picture and you are part of the group.

Oh yah, and I don't have to bug the husband when I'm taking my before, during, and after pics of my new diet!

Another one of my favorite things...


  1. Hi, there! I am your newest follower from name is blog is:

    Enjoying your stuff so far...hope you can check mine out, too! Thanks!!! :-)

  2. What a neat product! Thanks so much for sharing that gem!

  3. I have one of these and they are cool! I never thought of taking it with us, though. We always take the big tripod. I'll have to put it in my bag for our next outing!

  4. I've seen these things used before; they're so cool!

  5. Those are awesome! We have used one on our trips too! ;)

  6. I've seen these before and they are pretty cool. Much better than trying to lug around a tripod.

  7. I've wanted one of these for a while now. Glad to hear you like it:)

  8. Really useful product, thank you for sharing:):) Now I need to run out and get one:)

  9. I've heard about these before, but your review makes me want one!


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