Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Safe and Sound!

I hope my blogging buddies don't think I deserted them. The fact of the matter is that Brian and I flew out to Florida to visit my parents. It was a wonderful time! Life sure is different out there. Warmer too!

It started out a bit rocky. Our flight was 4 1/2 hours late. Southwest did compensate by giving each of us a $100 voucher good for one year on our next flight. Not bad for the inconvenience.

The first morning we woke up and there were sand cranes in the neighbor's yard. I never realized how big they were! They must have stood over 3 ft tall.

The next morning we went to Church where we were lucky enough to hear my stepmother sing a solo. She has an amazing and beautiful voice! I always knew she could sing but hearing her up there was awesome! She also shared her cooking talents with us during our visit. I came home with a couple of her recipes. Yum!

The four of us headed to Tarpon Springs on Sunday. That is where the sponge docks are. We also took a 2 hour boat tour where they let us off to collect seashells. And the weather was beautiful!

We also had so much fun at their place. We drove around the neighborhood in a golf cart. That was too fun! Everyone out there has them. Hmmmm, wonder how that would be out here in Michigan City?

We even found a girlfriend for Howard! There is an owl that has been living in a tree a few homes down. Maybe she can teach Howard how to be a real owl? The thought of smuggling her on the plane was a bit tempting but being the law abiding citizen I am, I chose not to. Plus she probably would have ripped me to shreds! For those who don't know Howard's story, you can check it out here:

Well, the time has come to play catch up around here. As nice as it is to travel, it's always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed.

PS...We just left winter behind and went to a pizza place in Florida to find the snowman (photo at top) in the window of the pizza place. Odd!


  1. Awwww, I love the owl! She's so adorable!

    I agree, it's always so nice to come home after traveling.

  2. Tarpon Springs is a great little town. I love all of the Greek influence there. I bought a really nice sponge when we were there.

    It is sooooooooo nice to get back home from traveling. I'm glad our weather was nice for you :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I wouldn't mind going to Florida right now. we've got cold rainy weather.

  4. i never got a photo of an owl so close up in the "wild". and the pictures of howard are great as well.
    florida sounds fantastic, glad you had a nice trip!


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