Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature at its Finest

A true story below that I will never forget about the beauty and power of Nature!

I remember several years ago when my kids were  young we were heading to a party. The trees were at their peak and it was one of those years that just seemed more beautiful than the years past. We were driving down I94 and as I was admiring the beautiful colors, I remember saying to the kids, "take a good look because you will not see this much beauty for another year." Well, I ended up eating my words about a month later.

I was heading down that same stretch of highway and I remember it well because it was our ladies only day after Thanksgiving shopping trip. I was driving down that exact same stretch of highway, VERY early in the morning. We had a frost that night and there was some snow on the ground. The trees were covered with what looked like glitter. Bright, beautiful, sparkly glitter. I look off to the right and there was a deer drinking from a stream, surrounded by those glittery trees and snow covered ground. It was as if Mother Nature looked me in the eye and said, "You really think the fall colors are the best that I can do?"

Since that day, I have never second guessed Mother Nature. I just soak in (and photograph) all of her beauty.

Photo Above: A nest that we found in a tree in our back yard a couple years back, A beautiful cloud formation that I found so beautiful in the contrast, A tree that Brian and I saw on one of our hiking trips, A mushroom that I thought was so beautiful on one of my trips to the dunes


  1. I love that picture of the clouds! Do you know what kind of nest it is??

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. How nice that you had to eat your words. I often think that way too when I see something at the peak of beauty. "Drink it in, this may be the best."

  3. Mother Nature showed he hand here in Oklahoma yesterday!

    I have a video from the tonrdoes by me yesterday posted on my blog


  4. isn't it amazing how many gorgeous things mother nature can keep coming up with. great story.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful nature photos with us Sher...lovely to meet you too.



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